Trans US veterans to be offered gender surgery for first time


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Dec 1, 2020
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Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) secretary Denis McDonough announced the change at a Pride event in Florida.
He said it would allow veterans to go through the full process "with VA at their side".
Previously hormone therapy and mental health services were covered but not surgery.
Gender confirmation surgery, also known as sex reassignment surgery, covers a range of procedures which alter a person's anatomy to match their gender identity.
Wayne brought this up yesterday. We were both in agreement that the VA really should be working on the backlog of millions of veterans not receiving proper care for wounds, sickness, etc., before they start trying to do that.

Capitalism has been struggling with the VA for years. 8 I think. My lifelong friend Frank fought them for 12 years and still does any time he gets ill.

But they're jumping on this?

It smacks of the typical Biden bandwagon of "look at all these different types of people we're putting in political positions for the first time".

So far, that is all the Biden administration has done.
So put off every other change until the backlog is fixed? That simply creates new backlogs.
Besides this may help some of those backlogged Vets you mention.
If you had even the first clue how bad the VA is, you would agree with me.

They can't even clean out bed pans or keep records secure, but they're moving into this?!

First off, nobody will ever get a sexual reassignment from the VA. Ever. If it takes 12 years to get your bowels taken care of, exactly how long do you think a sexual reassignment is going to take?

I'll bet 20 years. Minimum.

This is all just another Biden "look at our diversity" dog and pony show.

Here you go:

That's nothing. It's the tip of the iceberg. What's more, Atlanta VA is far from the worst VA hospital out there.

So yeah. Good luck ever and I mean EVER actually getting a sexual reassignment out of the VA.
All this bullshit over 2,500 people when fucking millions are still being fucked by the VA? WTAF?
All this bullshit over 2,500 people when fucking millions are still being fucked by the VA? WTAF?
It's not the numbers that matter. What matters is that you have a hospital system that can't even take care of It's inventory, let alone It's patients, and you're now adding on something else that has virtually zero chance of success.

What they should be doing is sending transgender veterans straight to John's Hopkins and be done with it.

Send them someplace they can actually have a good chance of getting it done.