There's some shit going down at Bronco's on 120th street.

Hugo Stiglitz

Resident Vigilante
Dec 7, 2020
You guys aren't going to believe this shit.

So last night I finally get out of work. Traffic was all fucked up so I wound up going around my ass to get to my elbow. On the way I'm going down 120th street and see a Bronco's and I'm like Oh hell yeah. So I pull in and I'm sitting in line at the drive through. Order my meal - a bronco burger, some O-rings and a sprite- and I'm sitting about 3rd in line.

So as I move up to 2nd in line this guy comes out of the walk in carrying a bag chased by two employees. It turns into a pitched melee right next to my car. I get out of the car and start yelling at them and they all stop for a second and look at me. Then one employee says the guy stole the bag off the counter. I couldn't believe this shit. Three men fighting to the death over a fucking 7 dollar meal. Poor guy I guess had been starving and walked in and bidded his time and when he saw a chance to rogue some food he took it.

I gave the employee 10 bucks and told him to fuck off. I mean god damnit! Is that where we are? Chasing people down and beating them senseless over a fucking 7 dollar fast food meal?
They do here too. In fact, most companies here will fire you on the spot for that.
Same here man. They struck me as the hero type that wanted to be on the news. If their boss finds out about it I'm sure they'll get shitcanned. The part that really pissed me off was the idea that two guys would chase a guy that had to resort to stealing some food rather than just say fuck it and split the bill and replace the food for whoever it belonged to.

What the fuck ever happened to charity? The guy wasn't sticking up the joint for money for fucks sake. He was just hungry.