The Yukon debacle (Yukon Gate scandal)


World of Warships Reporter
Mar 31, 2021
For anyone not familiar, LWM (LittleWhiteMouse) and Chobittsu were working on a ship which was orignally called Nunavut but then it was renamed Yukon:

Gave up on the first video 3 minutes in when she still hadn't even started to get to the damn point. Then again, that's just her. She's always spent more time talking about her than ever coming directly to the point.

On the ship: I find it difficult to believe that anybody playing any Wargaming title is having a problem with historical reference. Nothing Wargaming has ever done has even remotely adhered to historical norms. Ever. At all. Full stop.

The ship itself I can't comment on as I haven't played it or faced it as I've not even played the game in a few years now. Tried to once but couldn't get past having to reset all of my ships commander skills and gave up on it.

Look, Wargaming does whatever Wargaming wants to do. They always have. They always will. For anybody to be upset at anything they've done at this point is sort of silly. After all, they've done it for the last 10 years non-stop, so what did you expect?

If the name itself is what people are upset most about, and it seems that's what it is, then wow. Just wow. That's some very serious nit-picking there. They're selling a ship, not history. Nothing Wargaming does is about history.

Let's face it, well over half the vehicles in WoT and WoWS never really existed at all, so let's not cry over naming a Battleship what should be a Destroyer's name. After all, they've got the entire line of Czech tanks in the game that never saw the light of day in battle to begin with.

What did anybody expect?

If I'm off base on this, so be it. But I just can't stomach sitting through 20 minutes of video when nobody gets to the damn point.
Wait. Is this supposedly a WWII era vessel and they renamed it from what was supposed to be Nunavut to Yukon? And this is what the kerfuffle is over?

Well, if indeed it is supposed to be WWII or even technically up to 90's then Yukon would actually be more historically accurate then Nunavut. Nunavut came into existence as a territory in 1999 out of the far eastern North-West Territories (which are technically east of the Yukon). The Yukon territory is also still in existence
Here is a thread detailing on what took place with the development of the Yukon which was meant to be named Nunavut: