The Super Bowl Ads

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
These were my favorite. First up, the Dunkings' starring Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Tom Brady:

Then this one starring Christopher Walken for BMW:

And this one from T-Mobile starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Hudson, Common, Laura Dern, Patrick J. Adams, and Gabriel Macht:

And on the most cringe side, this ad, stolen from John Fitzgerald Kennedy, for that knucklehead RFK Jr. for president.

Which has caused more than a bit MORE uproar from his family.

That guy...I really didn't think there could be anybody more out of touch with reality than Trump, but here we are.
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Points scored by college in #NFLPlayoffs

41- Georgia Tech
36- Alabama & Stanford
33- Michigan
26- Miami FL
24- Rutgers
20- UTEP
18- Toledo, Louisville, Wyoming, Cincinnati, & Wisconsin
17- Memphis, Nebraska, & Illinois
14- Texas
13- UCLA, Georgia Southern, & Auburn
12- USC, Iowa, Boise State, South Dakota State, Texas A&M, Iowa State, Arizona State, & Oregon St
6- FAU, SMU, West Alabama, Virginia, Maryland, Nevada, BYU, Ole Miss, Utah, East Central University, Penn State, Kansas, Washington, Kutztown, Boston College, & Coastal Carolina
6- Louisiana, USF, Georgia, & Tennessee
5- Rice
4- Notre Dame
2- South Carolina & Mississippi State
2- college
1- New Mexico
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