The Karen Thread

Video unavailable in my country.

Trust me this has enough airplay to know this is the dumbass chick who lost her cell phone in an uber but tackled a young black man screaming he had taken it from her - and the fucking hotel it happened in sided with her at first..
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What a fucking bitch. How do you think a black kid that just got off the elevator stole your phone you lost when you just walked in the damn door?
Now, I'm not one to order prepared food delivery. I do order groceries delivered to avoid crowded stores like Costco. Typically, the tip is built into the app when you order.

This Karen out on Long Island was not pleased over an 8 dollar tip on a food delivery. She claims it took her 40 minutes to get there one way. The store is 12 miles from the house.

I think the guy in the house sounds exactly like I would were I in a similar situation: Genuinely shocked.

WTF ??

Man, I would be on that phone so damn fast with their corporate office it would make your head spin !!!! Goddamn!

If that’s an issue then don’t deliver then! Has she been fired yet ?