The Good, The Bad, And the Odd, in Biden's Stimulus Plan.


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Dec 1, 2020

Well, I see a few good things.

I See some bad things like they say.

But mostly, what I see is, MISSING THINGS.

Toward the bottom of the article as you read it, you'll see the difficulties this is going to run into getting passed. Between, the filibuster, Joe Manchin...

again, i'll repeat myself: Remove the hiring freeze for federal jobs that Trump put on. Create a jobs program in the Federal hiring system. At least beef up your student loan program you proposed, ( i'll settle for that, since your not going to forgive the loans ), Stand cold hard to the death on the 15/hr min wage!!

And, use Europe as an example for those programs and push to keep them permanent like the article says!

And stay on top of that UNION situation !!

Raising the min. wage is a must! It lifts all boats! And, it also, forces the employers to raise everyone else wages up ward as well !! It's long over due.
True. This entire nation is broken. I never thought I'd live long enough to see someone break it worse than George W. Bush did.

Boy was I wrong.
AMEN !! Reagan set it up for the fall. Then, HW Bush, started it going downhill, Clinton intercepted the ball on them, he did fix and improve things got the economy rocking etc; but he had a few flaws of his own.

But, the real bum was George W Bush. Damn, what bum he was, for 8 years! Then, the 2008 collapse!! The bailouts.

Obama gets stuck with it. We saw what happened.

And look what Trump has done.

Just keep forcing the democrats to shoot their Santa Clause, is the name of the game.