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Dec 1, 2020
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This is simply epic and I agree with it 100%. It's located here but for those too lazy to click the link, here you go:

Upon taking office in January, President-elect Joe Biden will have many responsibilities. End the pandemic, solve the recession, rebuild the country. Even so, I submit a humble request for his attention. Mr. Biden, I beg you: Abolish the Space Force.​
On Friday, the Space Force made its strongest case yet for its demise. In a series of tweets, it revealed a new motto and name to the world. Ladies and gentlemen, I present:​
Heritage! Mission! Culture! Would you like to know more? Unfortunately, I would. The mind simply races. I infer from this tweet that we created an entire branch of the military to guard Western civilization from critical race theory. Is this the Space Confederacy?​
Alas, this tweet does not answer any of the questions its predecessor inspired. I don’t want to know why they’re called the Guardians. I would like to know more, such as who was in charge of this decision. We already have National Guardsmen, and Coast Guardsmen; nobody could think of something original? Maybe “stormtrooper” was too obvious, and not just because we’re talking about troops in space. The motto invites certain historical comparisons.​
But still, I would like to know more. What will those uniforms look like? How will rank work? Will the rest of the military ever take the Space Force seriously? And since the Space Force is a brand-new branch, to what could “culture” and “heritage” possibly refer? They have none! There isn’t a single U.S. Guardian (I perish!) who has done anything but push a pencil around a desk. Because there aren’t any Guardians. Nor will there be, if the incoming White House listens to me.
I hope that aliens are real, and I hope they’re on their way to this planet. Abduct me and in so doing, spare me from thinking about the Space Force ever again. This is the dumbest shit in the entire world. It would be the dumbest shit in the entire galaxy.​
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You have to laugh at this point or you'd cry.

I tell you, I'm glad I have no business in Russia or Germany or the United Kingdom. I'd have to wear a bag over my head with a "Truly Embarrassed American" sign hung around my neck.

Take heart in the fact you'd simply join a long line of others who've done the same. Hell, I can tell you I had an american friend who traveled Europe in the late 70's who had a Canadian flag sewn on his backpack.
They used to tell us that in the early 80’s to say we were Canadian in public in Germany. When I was in Switzerland for over a week, fortunately no one ever asked me.

There were enough Americans coming through the large towns in Swiss.

Oh, I ran into the Swiss Army while I was there 🙂. They were busy chasing ladies of the evening in Geneva. They weren’t to worried about being invaded anytime soon it appeared to me.

They were like, “Let’s go get Biers” “ And get girls etc” I was like, my flight leaves early in the morning.

The one guy had that German Swiss accent, “Auch Ja, what a pity, you should come back soon, “ there was like 6 of them. They had a few beers lols.

what I remember is it being a nice country.
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Yea, that Space Force stuff even made it over to the veterans discussion on YouTube.

The Vets are laughing their butts off at that stupid BS !!