RIP Lincoln Project

Well, apparently there's been a mass exodus from the Lincoln Project. Since the sexual harassment claims hit now there's financial shenanigans being alleged as well.

It's run its course and with the new allegations, yeah RIP
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As stated previously I did not had a good feeling about both this group and the Republicans for the rule of law. Dark Money is being involved.

But they did serve their purpose... Did they....

Speaking about the waste of tax payers money Trump did win once again. 2-0 in impeachment. So I'll play you something that was played in those hearings, The hypocrisy of the Leftest Agenda. It's okay to threaten a Trump supporter. Its okay to punch them in the face. Or WORSE.

The Democrats are a bunch of fucking retards... of the worst kind. So what are they going to do now??? ANOTHER Fucking committee to probe Trump... BY PROXI.... BY PELOSI.

AND FINALLY... THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT.... This is the reason why I got out of politics.

Katie Porter REMOVED From Financial Services Committee​

You know you had someone actually doing a fucking job and this is the reward you get.

I'm sick of this shit as well.

Again I am not a Trump supporter, nor do want to deal with those Right wing Nut jobs as well.

But this is utter bullshit. Healing?? Coming toegther and healing the divide? What I see is a bunch of left winging monkeys throwing literal crap... When you have these types of actions continually to happen you are going to have another political deadlock that is going to happen.

Or something worse.
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You make a good point.

I'm still scratching my head about why they removed Katie Porter. I've not read a good reason for her removal at all.

It's been this way for years, most of my life really. It's not that you really believe in anybody, it's more like a choice between the lesser of two evils.

I will say this though: Never before has anybody refused to ever admit defeat and try to overthrow the government to stay in power. It took Trump to do that. And it took the GOP to empower him to do that.

Selling out over money is one thing. Throwing the entire government and the will of the American people as a whole under the bus so you can stay president is quite another.
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I now know why Katie Porter was removed from the Financial Services Committee.

She wanted to head up the Oversight and Investigations Committee.

The way it works though is there are certain committes that you can't work on more than one of. She asked for a waiver so she could work on both committes but that was denied. (Democrats have never done that, so that denial is nothing new.)

So she was removed from Financial Services to head up the Oversight and Investigations.