Political Meme's Only

What is so sad about people like Marjorie Taylor Green, is that she has at her disposal some of the greatest minds on earth to ask about things. Anything she needs to know, she can call any number of good folks from the Library of Congress to the Department of Defense and get answers.

But somehow, she's still stupid enough to come up with this ridiculous shit:

She assumes that FBI Director Wray, who Trump appointed, spends all of his time on Twitter following her feed while at the same time working for the Department of Homeland Security, which he does not.
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Have you seen the Piers Morgan interview? He absolutly shreds her with her own words.
No, I have not.

Is it true MGT's district is where Deliverance was set?

Deliverance was set and filmed in Rabun County, Georgia, which is the extreme Northeast corner of Georgia and the 9th district.

MTG is from the 14th district on the northwestern side of the state.

However, the difference is negligible as the 9th district representative is Andrew Clyde; who is basically MTG with the ability to read.
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