Pelosi has narrow path to speakership.


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Dec 1, 2020
Pelosi has narrow path to the speakership

The day is coming. It doesn’t matter if it’s Pelosi or another centrist democrat, or what, or who it might be, the progressives, the left is going to get those sets sooner or later. And, you’re going to see it happen, mark my words.

That just need those chairmen-ships, and key seats.

Bernie will be replaced too. But, it’s going to be someone literally “ out of left field .” To use the phrase, no one exactly figured, from another direction from another state; younger who’s going to follow in his footsteps, and will really reach much farther; and he/she will shake up this Pimp Ass Dem DNC establishment we have now.

question again is how many more primaries will the DNC keep stealing. That’s why I said, Trump was actually right, but for the wrong reason ! The DNC does steal elections! Just within its own party!
I shudder to think who would replace her. I can't think of anybody that would do nearly the job she does.
I don’t know either who will be able to replace her ? Tbh. She has loads of experience. She is a good tactician. And, so good a a lot of things. I’ve never doubted her abilities. Etc.

That Steny Hoyer is a caver, I’ve seen him cave on other occasions, etc.

And, the thing is, it’s not just that, it’s the political approach. There are a fair number of people on the left in the house that have prayed for someone more progressive.

The Republicans made it work. They threw the Tea Party in. Everyone hated their guts for it. And, they got away with! Because of the democrats.

Then again, James Clyburn will be trying to claim that position, or using his power to place his own man/woman in that speakership position, you can bet on it.

And, it will be a Centrist, no doubt.

That’s what going to happen one day in the future.

We're going to have 4 parties:

1.) The real Democratic Party ( The Left )
2.) The Centrist Party

3.) The classic Republican Party
4.) The Extremists Re-Trumplican-facist Party

- or -

The Democratic-Centrist party ( which is what we have now )

The Corporate Fascist Republican Party

and the New Democratic Socialist party of America

This country is pretty fucking feed up.