Parking: It is NOT that hard, folks!

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Went to Publix just now for a bit of shopping. After putting my groceries in the car, I went to take the cart to the cart return area.

Folks, parking is not that hard. Well, apparently it is for some people because this guy was so out of whack he actually hit the cart return and pushed it about two feet into the lane on the opposite side:



So I put my cart in, turn around and there's this guy who apparently thinks he is parking a Cadillac and has a much, much longer front end than he actually does, leaving the butt end of the car out in the lane along with the now displaced cart return. Note also that he is "center challenged" in that he straddles the line on the left hand side:


It's parking, folks. It's not even parallel parking. Just plain old, take your time, pull on in parking.

We can't even get this simple maneuver right. No wonder this nation is in such a damn mess.
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I park in a parking deck. With very few exceptions its a first come first serve deal. We have some assholes that think their new Altima is so valuable it deserves a double park so they'll put their tires right on the line or just over it so nobody will park next to them. Fuck them. I park right fucking next to them on their door side whenever possible. I'll go out the fucking window and then leave a postit on their car telling them to learn to fucking park.