Once again, Wargaming NEVER listens.

Gomez Adams

Grammar Fascist
Staff member
Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
So I get an email from Wargaming a few days ago to my old World of Tanks account I haven't played since I can't remember when. Here it is:


It was a very short survey. It basically asked a few questions about what kind of combat games one likes. Of note, were two questions:
  1. Do you prefer very fast, very short games or longer, more strategy based games? (I answered longer, more strategy based games.)
  2. Do you prefer a more historic, realistic game or a more fantasy, other worldly game? ( I answered more historical and realistic.)
So they sent me this email to take part in a new game they're testing:


An otherworldly Dwarf in what appears to be an off world, dumbed down Matilda.

Brilliant, Wargaming. Just brilliant.