Old forum to be parked on Friday

Gomez Adams

Grammar Fascist
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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
I'm leaving the old forum up until Friday just in case any of the old crew pop by. After that, I'll park it and try to forward the URL to here so that they'll hopefully get the hint. Also, feel free to copy any of your post there and transfer them here if you want.

Make no mistake though, guys: This is THE LAST hurrah. From here, we turn the lights off, lock the doors and walk away.

Special BIG, HUGE, THANKS to @Capitalism_is_Theft for ponying up the cash for this place. It wasn't cheap.

Thanks, man!
Hey, No Problem! The least I could do is buy a Cadillac for the last "edition" roll-out. Maybe, I should have done this earlier ? But, we know for sure, what ever we bring over here will stay here, without having to move it again. etc. Final stopping spot, and with nice bells and whistles. :giggle:
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Hi guys! Just went to the other forum and saw the move again. I kind of like the old style forum layout better. Good job.
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Hi guys! Nice new site. I've seen Xenforo before and it's really good shit. Lots of things to catch up on but I should be hanging out a bit more often. Not that you give a damn! ;)
Hey Gomez I lost the link to my sig I uploaded at the old site. Any way you can get that to me or download it if you still have it?