New Zealand's largest city Auckland back to lockdown after COVID-19 case


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Dec 1, 2020
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The lockdown, with Level 3 restrictions, will allow people to leave home only for essential shopping and essential work, Ardern said. Public venues will remain closed. Restrictions in the rest of the country will be tightened to Level 2 restrictions, including limits on public gatherings.
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I love how the article likes to paint it as this draconian punishment. This is how it's done. You get a case or two, you shut that down immediately. In two weeks, everybody goes back to business.

I'd much rather be doing that than be risking my life every single time I go to pick up groceries because half the population are idiots.
And one of the listed facilities is the provincial cannabis warehouse... :eek:
Now that's just wrong.

In Gwinnett County (where I live) alone, on February 25th, there were 228 new Covid-19 cases and 8 deaths.

There are no restrictions on anything. More than half of people do not wear masks anywhere they go.
Half the people around here are doing the same shit. You just shake your head and keep walking. It's all you can do.