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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
So my daughter has gone with her boyfriend to his home state of Nebraska.

Before she left, she was telling me that she hoped she didn't get freaked out by all the corn. (This is of course because of Stephen King's 'The Stand'.)

So she sent me this pic just now:

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I'm actually waiting for Hugo to post and see what he says.
Welcome to Nebraska.

Her boyfriend should know better if he's really from here. They're just now planting corn in most places. You typically put your corn down anywhere from the middle of April to the middle of May and your harvest comes in sometime between September and November. So if she came up here expecting to see corn she's not going to see any at all. Maybe itty bitty baby corn that wont even look like corn yet but that's about it. Its hard to tell from that pic because they're moving but that might be baby corn coming up in that picture. Some of the old shucks are left behind as a natural mulch/fertilizer and the new corn comes right up through it.
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I told my wife that and she called you guys a bunch of slackers because I have a good friend that owns an old renovated plantation in South Carolina that's about to pull in their first batch of corn for the year next month. They typically do two grows per year.

I tried to explain to her that the weather patterns of the great plains are slightly different from those of the coastal south, but it fell on deaf ears, of course.
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Well football is pretty big but not so much since we get our asses kicked at it. We're really good at wrestling so it's a much bigger sport out here.