Nashville Explosion

You’ll notice the red building that was targeted is the ATT computer switching building network building. They knew what they were targeting.

This goes back to Eric Snowden. Supposedly, it was the deal of ATT doing spying for the government business etc.

And, Trumpanzee go crazy over that!

So, I bet right wing Trumplers were connected with this. And, they hate CNN, which is owned by ATT.

This was targeted!!!

Right now on my phone, I no service !!!!

Notice in the news conference they have not called terrorist yet. Trump ??? Behind the scenes?

Buddy, 2nd Ave looks like Vietnam bombing raid hit that place !!!

"Witnesses told investigators they heard gunshots early in the morning and a message coming from an RV parked in the street warning anyone in the area to evacuate before beginning to count down to an explosion. Police have confirmed that the RV was broadcasting a message. Video posted to YouTube appears to capture the reported warning message seconds before the blast. "
2020.... Just will not stop giving !!

If there was a way we could escort Trump out the damn door now, keep him locked in this damn bedroom I would do it.

Anyway, they are pulling the cameras back now and the blast black ash marks go all the way up the ATT switching bldg.

Oklahoma Federal Building ring a bell 🔔?
Let that be a lesson boys a girls. When you hear RV’s speaking voices, and or giving countdowns; “Run Like Holy Living Hell !!” 😮

They said the explosion could be felt miles, miles away!
I'm still without ATT phone service, internets service for my I Phone, text, e-mail etc.. Thank goodness my home stuff is comcast in this situation. At my parents now, which they have a 3rd party provider other than ATT.
They already think it was ammonia nitrate that was used most likely. The white smoke 💨 indicates that in the initial explosion.

That indicates domestic individuals at home here local. Not military grade. Just like OK City.

They probably have tag numbers already. There were more cameras on 2nd Ave, lower broad than you can shake stick at. They probably know where they fueled up at and got gas etc. probably know who they are by now.