Miami Beach suspends law used against people filming police


Resident Canadian
Dec 1, 2020
Canada's Ocean Playground

The local ordinance, which the city commission passed unanimously on June 23, makes it a crime to stand within 20 feet (about six meters) of officers with the “intent to impede, provoke or harass” them.

Arrest data provided by the police shows that 13 people have been arrested under the ordinance. At least eight of those arrests were of people who had been video recording officers. All 13 were young Black men or women.

Tell me your racist without saying racist!
They tried that here as well. It didn't last a week as there was a civil suit over one particular guy. He was standing a good ways off when an officer noticed him filming them. The officer walks at least 30 feet over to the guy and starts saying that he's interfering, blah, blah, blah.

The video was what shot the law down. Until they SAW him with his phone and approached him there was no problem. It was in fact THEY, the police, who made the interference in their own process by abandoning that process to engage someone nowhere near the scene.

So, yeah. Cops aren't really batting a thousand lately. I don't think they're even batting 200.
Miami Beach police are a fucking joke. I mean they really are. They do all kinds of shit that's totally illegal because they assume anybody they deal with is either an illegal immigrant a drug dealer or a drunk. Sadly they're right most of the time. That's why you don't really hear more about them than you do.