Merry Christmas

A belated one to you guys. Been busy as hell. Unfortunately in my line of work death makes for a lot of business. You'd be amazed how many people try to cash in on insurance they have no part in.
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Americans are real scumbags. Real schemers. There was someone a couple of years ago in my family that came into over a 1/2 million or more, due to the untimely death of a spouse due to, suicide cause by self inflicted military rifle fire.

The military officer drove out to inform my niece of it ( I even walked past the military officer in uniform with paperwork in his hand ), my niece got everything, and what ever was left in Colorado and California.

But, one thing was for sure, the over 1/2 million didn’t end up with her in the end.

It was trolled, spent, funneled, by her parents into their home for repairs, improvements, buying the patents ea. Brand new pickups, trips, expensive entertainment centers, sports teams tickets, everything you can think of, from a-z.
Now, she’s broke. With 2 boys she’s trying to raise, and both of the boys have special learning issues, ( autistic, Attention Deficit Disorder ) and, her name is not on the deed of the home. Her mother tried to throw her out of the home, after they helped themselves to spending the .5 million insurance, etc.

The man who committed suicide left a letter wanted them to both get a college degree, and a pick up when they turned 18.

I guess you can see that’s not going to happen. But, the parents got new vehicles.

It’s always the family that does this it seems.
The vast majority of life insurance policies I'm familiar with do not cover suicide. Assisted suicide is also a deal breaker.
The military is different.

Especially, when they have mental issues related to the war zone. And, have been seen for it in the military and the VA.

And, they up and blow themselves away with a rifle.

They had a mess to clean up in the home in CO wherever it was at ? It’s automatic also when their still on active duty. Which he was.