Merry Christmas

Same to you!

My daughter has been here all week which is why I've been pretty scarce. She made all kinds of cookies, brownies and shit. I ate WAY too much of it all.

Waiting on everyone to get up for the carnageto insue. Amazed my son isn't up yet.

At any rate, here's a picture of it before it gets assaulted:

Woo hoo!20211225_083118.jpg

I remember John (Vladimir's Revenge) and I talking about a dedicated left handed mouse back in 2008. He's the only guy other than me I know that set his system up to be truly left handed like I did. (We don't use the WASD, we use the arrows on the right side. We use the F keys in reverse order (F12 is F1, etc.) and we program our number pad to be the hot keys.

This is going to be epic! I wish he were here to see it.
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They make plenty of left handed trackballs for a reason: Left handers are naturally 15% more intelligent than right handers are and many wind up as engineers using cad programs where the track ball is an indispensable tool.

The gaming industry simply assumes that left handers don't game for that same reason.

Truth be told, I'm ambidextrous. I can use either hand but prefer my left. John was strictly left handed. He couldn't do a thing with his right. I golf right handed and throw right handed but bat left handed and kick with my left leg. (Not that I do any of that anymore with my back issues, but there it is.)

As you should know by now, I'm a pretty messed up individual.
Merry Christmas guys. Been doing a combo of partying and family time. Got a hangover like you wouldn't believe. My brother's eggnog is good but the shit will fucking kill you. Hope everybody had a good one!