Lin Wood moved to South Carolina and is running for GOP chairman.

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Dec 1, 2020
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And guess what: he's already claiming the election is rigged.

Gee. Wonder where he got that idea? 🙄

Best comment in the article:

Connelly referred to Wood and those who recruited him “kamikazes, ne'er-do-wells and malcontents.”

“They’re not Republicans. They’re not conservative. They’re anarchists,” Connelly said, labelling Wood an outsider as well. “I’ve had clothes at the dry cleaner longer than Lin Wood has been a resident of South Carolina.”
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So the guy ran away from Georgia to run in South Carolina? Did he ever get disbarred? Weren't they looking at doing that?
He's not disbarred yet. He was ordered by the Georgia Bar to undergo a psychiatric evaluation but he didn't do it and fell off the radar. Next thing you know, he's moved to South Carolina and spewing the same Trump crap he spewed on January 6th.

I'm not sure what the rules are, but I think he may have moved to SC to get away from having to take that evaluation. I'm not sure if Georgia Bar can make him take it when he's not in the state.
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On Monday, Newsweek reported that far-right attorney Lin Wood — a longtime purveyor of election fraud conspiracy theories — has confidently predicted the arrest of Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and multiple other state officials for not overturning President Joe Biden's win in Georgia.
From what I've read that asshole is bucking for an insanity defense for all his bullshit. Seriously. That guy is more batshit crazy than Trump ever was.
He's batshit crazy. More projection too. He's betting Kemp will get arrested because he thinks he's probably going to be.
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