Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
They're televising it. I've been watching it. The first witness was his friend that actually supplied the gun. A lot more to the story than what I remember from the news.

According to the friend, they were asked by a mutual friend to help protect two auto service centers / car lots. They were at one location and a few people at the other location a block or so away.

At some point, somebody had asked Kyle to go to the other location because nobody was there (apparently the people that were there had left). That's when the shooting occurred.
The guy that survived being shot has been testifying.

I can't believe the prosecution put him on the stand. He's a clear liar and actually chased Kyle down the street and pointed a Glock 27 at him before being shot.

He also lied to police and refused to turn his phone over.
The fix was in on this bullshit from the get go. Buying him Burger King, telling him he did the right thing, assigning a activist judge that defends him.

This is their militia boy. You bet your ass they're going to take care of him.
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