John le Carré, spy novelist who chronicled Cold War espionage, dies at 89

I believe it was Le Carre's realism that they tried to portray with the 'modernized' Bond (Danial Craig) in Casino Royal with the original gritty deaths of that movie.
You ever read the book Casino Royal by Ian Fleming? That's the way Ian Fleming wrote Bond. The movies made him more happy go lucky. Craig's performance is how Bond was originally written.
I haven't actually read them. My own history is simply from the films. I actually remember going to the original Casino Royal with my parents. I'm pretty sure I saw some of the earlier ones, in theatre, as a young child.
Read the book. You'll see Fleming writes Bond exactly as Craig portrays him: flawed, unhinged, not terribly reliable and frightening in the way he actually enjoys killing.

It's part of why I like the Craig movies best of all. Sean of course is still the original, and Goldfinger still the best movie, but truth be told Craig is the best Bond in the spirit of the character Fleming created by far.
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I don't know what the future of Bond will be next ? There will be a new one soon. I wonder what direction they will head into ?