John Hopkins study and fellow co-worker


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Dec 1, 2020

Just a few moments ago--- que the Twilight Zone music ----

I was assisting a fellow co-worker. I inquired about 2 other workers about when they might be back for them being out due to them being near family members who had been confirmed positive with Covid-19 etc.

Upon speaking to this employee, I was surmising why he had not been wearing his mask given that we were asked to do so etc. a couple of months ago he did, but not lately. When spoke next, it became clear why not.

He started saying, "I don't believe in it." See, I believe in the john Hopkins study, and what it says. ^ Why I provided the link up above.

So, he says people are not dying of covid it's all fake, and the shots they are giving are all fake shots too etc. Then, he further says, "And wearing those mask don't stop anything, actually they cause infections, and break outs on your face is all they do etc.

I ask him, "So, you would be of the opinion then that the other two supervisors got 10 fake days off for being near family members that tested positive?" He then said, "Oh, those were fake test positive results, you see those are bad results, lots of those false results, I read the % of them that are false results..."

At that point, I realized to myself that the old saying here applies, "Don't argue with drunks; drunks are never wrong." Which means Trump supporters are never wrong. Best thing to do is walk away, especially at work.
Yes, working at University like I do presents certain shall we say, "little complications."

I woke up this morning thinking about what to do about this properly ? About how, and what if anything I could properly do about it with "Blow Back." Politically, I am in the minority, vastly. The heads of my chain of command are across the street in another building. Both, of my supervisors are out ( quarantined because of Covid ) they are aware somewhat of this character; however depend him being in the position upstairs for them being out as they are. They kind of need him ( how tragic ). They never were good a picking personnel, always has been their downfall, but I believe they do that for a reason.

But, I have the ability to call my supervisor right now if I need to actually. The problem is, "I doubt he would do much of anything, seriously." Why would he? And, if he were to, this guy would know right away "I called the supervisor."

It's a tight circle around here within the department. So, there is a way maybe going upward at the University level to another contact point, I believe to another department that might handle this ? It will take time for me to track down which dept. and to whom that is etc?

It will be under someone's purview ? Eventually, it will come back through down to our department then downward.

The other thing is, I believe there are 1 or more others that are doing the same thing (there Trumpers too.) It's maddening. And, we have vendors that come in who don't wear mask as they should still. Some vendors do wear their mask, constantly while their here constantly.

I mentioned that to my supervisor on 2 occasions, and he was like, "oh well, lada da da, just do long as they aren't to near by you and their working amongst themselves etc." That's the kind of response I get out of my supervisor.

See what I mean ?

"See, a person like this in the work place, that's doing this will also go as far as soon as he get's sick with Covid-19 will just come in and give it to everyone, and not care a bit. That's being reckless, deliberate, etc. Violating mandated policy, law, ordinance, etc. Heck, stupid ignorant clowns.
Find a N95 with external filters and go all out. Put it on when non-maskers comes in.
OH,,, I was wearing my mask when he was talking to me, of course.

I thought about getting one of those heavy duty one's where it looks like a frogman like in those WWII airplanes. Or chemical Warfare things from the military, and wearing it when I go upstairs to turn in paper work when their not wearing theirs. Theirs's a limit of only 3 people allowed upstairs in that room. And, they do not wear mask up their. When they do come down into my area I would expect them to wear one atleast. He refused to. Some of the vendors refused to ( their known trumpers ) a few vendors will; however as the should. This creep upstairs ( one of ours the individual described above, I'm talking about ) knows damn good and well what he's doing.

Also, those guys upstairs have written on the board with a sharpie, " "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." I'm pretty sure this is driving them in the confusion with the quest on not wearing a mask. ^

You see how Re-Trump-licans get things confused, and out of context ? So, you see why, and how their not wearing any mask upstairs ( the trump thumpers above me ) Yes, their violating the Universities policy, the county policy, the mayors policy, city policy, etc.

I could take an I phone shot and show you what they wrote, but that's what they wrote right in the center of the board upstairs. Their idiots. Politicking in broad daylight, inciting.

I still need to look for the contact point on campus for this kind of thing. There has to be someone.

Or--- You k now what I could do is hang a mask on their drop boxes upstairs after their gone ? Put mask inside their boxes ? If they ask IF I did it just tell them Yes. I figured they were out of mask. They weren't wearing them, I wanted to help out.
I noticed today after lunch time, someone erased their little freedom rant off the board. Um, wonder who did that ? It had been up there for a while. I was going to get a snap shot of it before it happened. Sure enough some one erased it down. I don't know who ?

Wonder if someone will put it back up ? I'll keep an check once in a while. :LOL:

When I get that extreme mask, I got to think of some clever things to tell them if they inquire why I'm wearing it ?

I could us several approaches like: " Well, this is an industrial setting ( with offices too ), I need an industrial mask. But, then I thought that misses the point. I could use the paranoid approach, "I need extra protection, others are undermining my health" or "people are trying to jeopardize my life" Or " I'm fighting for my freedoms not to die in the work place." A spin off their take...
The problem is that doesn't work 100%. That other person can still land droplets on your mask that you inhale. I forget the percentages, but it's something like if you are wearing the mask and the other person isn't, transmission drops (to you) to 30%. If both people are wearing a mask it drops for the both of you to 3%.

It is a radical difference.