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Dec 1, 2020
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There are men who do the right thing, men who try to do the right thing but just can't get it done, men who dodge their responsibilities as best they can hoping they don't get caught, and then beneath all of that, beyond the depths of the deepest ocean, about 30 feet deeper than that pile of whale shit, is Jason Miller.

The fact that he's been Donald Trump's mouthpiece for the last few months notwithstanding, this guy is the absolute worst man...

let me rephrase that: Worst, piss-poor excuse for a human being I've ever come across. Before yesterday, I honestly thought my opinion of him couldn't get much lower.

Then I came across this post from a lady named A.J. Delgado:

Take a moment and read through that thread. I'll wait.



Because if you think you're pissed off now, wait until you read this article that hit about a hour later:

Go ahead. Read it. I'll wait.



NOW how pissed off are you? (FYI - the spare deck nails are in the garage to the right of the toolbox just behind that mostly empty jug of windshield wiper fluid. Go ahead and chow down on some of those. Trust me. You'll feel better.)

To those of you too lazy to read the article, I'm going to sum up this long story as quickly as possible.

You have to go back to 2016. Jason Miller, our reptile in residence, somehow started having an affair with A.J. Delgado while they were both working for the Trump campaign. Jason Miller was married. A.J. knew this. But hey, love is love, right?

A.J. wound up getting pregnant. Jason Miller began, from the moment he found out, trying to distance himself, dodge any responsibility for it and hide it from his wife as best he could.

Yeah. A true "love 'em and leave 'em" kind of guy.

The thing kind of blew up when A.J. made a few tweets back in the day. Jason Miller ran home, kissed his wife's ass to the point she decided not to dump him, and then began what can best be described as a scorched earth policy towards his son by way of A.J. Delgado.

Jason Miller was ROLLING in money at the time. He had a job with Teneo making $500.000.00 per year. Plus he was being paid up to $90,000 per MONTH by the Trump campaign.

So what does Jason Miller do? He cooks up a deal with Teneo.

Teneo is a consulting firm primarily run by democrats who like to keep their friends close but their enemies closer, hence the Jason Miller hire. So Jason, not wanting to pay child support for his son with A.J., makes a deal with Teneo: Jason will resign. Then, in secret, Teneo will hire him back as an "outside" consultant for the same amount of money the very next day.

So Jason never lost a thing. He never missed a beat. But what did he do? He went into court and signed this:


So in other words, Jason Miller lied. Flat out. He knew he was still making half a million dollars per year, but he signed a sworn statement to the court that he had lost his job and couldn't possibly pay the $3,167.00 per month.

So what does he pay?



$500.00 per month.

Have you seen grocery prices lately? You MIGHT be able to feed the kid with that. But that's about it. Forget clothes, toys, you know, things to help a kid be a kid.

How pissed are you now?

Well, let's do some basic math. We now know Jason never lost his job. We also know he was paid $90,000 per month by the Trump campaign. We also know he was a paid CNN contributor, but we don't know how much he was paid for that.

So just from the job he never lost, he was making $41,667.00 per month. Add to that the $90,000 per month for being Trump's mouthpiece, you get $131,667.00 per month.

So when you look at what he was supposed to be paying, $3,167.00 per month, that comes to roughly 2.4% of his income.

That's it. 2.4% for his son was all he was supposed to pay and he didn't even want to pay that. He paid a measly 500 dollars per month. That comes to .38% of his income.


NOW how pissed off are you?

Well, imagine being A.J. Delgado for a moment. Imagine working your level best for a man you believed in, however misguided that may have been, and then getting thrown under the bus with a child to raise on your own.

And then getting tossed out like so much garbage because, hey, it's Trump. It's a man's world. Women are to be used, abused, and kicked to the curb.

And that, folks, is exactly what Jason Miller did and continues to do. And Trump, Teneo, CNN and others helped him do it.

Jason Miller continues to live the high life, rubbing elbows with the players in D.C. and other places, eating dinners each night that cost more than he sends his son in a month, continuing to do Trump's bidding.

Meanwhile, A.J. Delgado and son are at Dollar Tree. You know...trying to be a kid.

What a steaming pile of shit this guy is. If that was any regular guy he'd already be in jail. I'll bet good money his wife is behind it. You give that kid my money and I'll divorce you and take my half.

They're all the same. Greedy self centered bastards and bitches.
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