It's Denis McDonough for the VA


And, it might get worse. I for one can tell you that those veterans that voted for him are not going to like this. They are used to having a veteran fill that position. ( historically ) The vets have an extremely hard time trusting the VA to begin with. And for good reason! Warranted reason. This won't help. What were you thinking Joe. And, he didn't consult with anyone ?

Yea, the article is right those outside groups: Amvets, DAV, American Legion, VFW, about 3 others; have the eyes and ears of millions of vets out there. They provide VSO Officers to veterans in the disability claim process to as well.

{ Which I'm getting ready to fire one soon right now }

Anyway, yea, this appointee is going to have a hard learning curve ahead of him. Maybe, he has experience up on capital hill, but the VA structure is a hellacious beast that will wrap it's arms around you and drag you down beneath the sea to your doom !! (screaming and kicking)

And, btw... Trump has broken some things already ( on purpose just in the last 6 months ) deliberately to screw things up, (sabotage) that need fixes.

And, WTF is up with this Jared Kushner records plan !! Why the hell they screwing around with that ? They only put that in there to mess Obama's record system up, and Grift some money for Jared and Trump. What are they thinking? Also, that's a tool to help privatize the VA out.

Well, I will be adding many things to this thread now that it's open....

He makes a good point about McDonough not being a military man, BUT (and there's always a but) it was largely military men that turned the VA into the god forsaken mess that it is today.

The point he makes of McDonough only being the 2nd non-military man to run the VA should speak volumes to veterans: YOUR SUPERIOR OFFICERS FAILED YOU.

Hoping for some military man to come along and fix what's wrong with the VA is, in my humble opinion, much like waiting for a Trump family member to save this nation.

If not for military men, the VA wouldn't be in the mess it's in. I'm not saying that McDonough is going to be the answer, but what the VA needs more than anything is a person very well versed in business with the ability to pinch a penny until it bleeds. There's simply so much waste at the VA right now it's laughable.

And why is there so much waste?

Well, again, in my humble opinion, it's because it's always been run by military men - men who are always able to just hold their hand out to Uncle Sam and get more money. Then that money gets wasted along with the rest of the Pentagon's on wasteful processes and projects rather than the meat and potatoes of the project at hand.

Another one. ^

The thing is this problem has been going on since the Civil War. Even before the Veterans started marching back before 1930 bonus marchers were gunned down with machine guns behind sand bags, Patton charge them with those light tanks, set fires, the crowd that was cheering, "then yelled Shame, Shame, Shame at Patton.." Of course under another Republican Hubert Hoover. a,redemption of their service certificates.

So, then they finally, the Vets get a VA.

This country has always treated it's veterans like shit, really since before the Civil War if you want get really technical. You can go back to the Revolutionary war to get plenty of evidence for that.

But,,, My first hand experience, and talking to veterans, and going to the VA since 1987. Jesus Christ. It was never perfect, but really started going down hill with THE REPUBLICANS. The played games with the VA "cutting the budget !! $" The republicans cut the money off to break the "quality of health care" the veterans got! They started changing the policies, trying break everything they could, they cut things that never should have been cut !

NO, they would not cut the big wasteful things. They cut the Veteran, where it hurt him the most. What else do Republicans do. They did their upmost, to not hire enough doctors, psychiatrist, psychologist, specialist, neurologist, staff, etc. They tried to block and hassle the AFGE the federal workers union, create problems in the hospital, they started taking things away that made no sense what so ever.

But, did the big projects stop ? NO. Did the big projects that would have MADE SENSE around the hospital that would have benefit the Veterans Care majorly approved NO! Go Figure call 1-800- Republican Party.

What were they interested in breaking the VA System. The dream of one day privatizing it out, out sourcing it out. Through all these years with the Congressional, battling of the political power struggle ( back and forth ) between the two parties.

The Democrats ? It's complicated. Again, it was always who appointed who, with what directive? Just like how will this guy Biden has cooked up turn out ? I don't know? I guess we'll have to wait and see ?

In the past Democrats are friendly towards Veterans as whole. Different democratic administrations take different approaches, how successful they are depends a various factors. And, to be honest with you, I don't know which works the best ? ( Of the Democrats )

What I do know is that, you have a force of internal "factions, or groups within the VA system, and a certain Regional VA hospitals" that are pockets of resistance!" Yea, I know that sounds nuts. But, it's true. Almost like a secret handshake club. Well, their like moles, or a conspiracy from within. They resist change. A resistance. I've heard that they are down in Alabama, and in Tennessee other surrounding states, and in other areas of the country. I've seen evidence of this myself. At my VA, we have repeated congressional investigations over this business.

Suffice to say, you have partisan resistance that will sandbag, resist, slow down, and sabotage when possible any progress that is made by a new administration. And given the political climate, its most certainly going to happen, and the VA will be ripe for it.

The other matter which this guy here does his You Tube videos on primarily are VA Disability Claims.

In the last couple of weeks, the Trump administration has removed veterans from having their C&P Exams from the VA, to only now Private examiners. So, there you go. It has now been privatized. There was no vote, no democracy, no notifications of it, no nothing etc. Then, the DBQ's were removed, no warning, no nothing. Vets used these to help get their disability claims approved. Slam! taken away back in March. Some Veterans agreed with it, a few didn't. Now, that have taken away the ability of being able to use out of state doctors to get Nexus Letters independent letters for medical service connection by saying, "you can only use a local doctor, because, the VA Raters ( Now, there is a crowd of assholes there ), have a Red Line list of known doctors names they feel have been writing too many "good letters" that vets are getting claims approved.

All of this coming under the Trump administration.

It boils down to what Bernie Sanders said, " Don't spend Trillions of Dollars to go to War; if you can't take the heat to spend a few hundred billion to take care of veterans! Then, don't go to war in the first place!" --- let the sons and daughters of Proctor and Gamble to go fight the war then.

Let them deal with PTSD, a missing Leg, eye, can't sleep, TBI, wheel chair etc.

Another thing, those VA Raters, they only barely make about 50K/year. Their civilians, most of them are not vets believe it or not. And, those assholes actually think their saving money for the government, by not approving a vet. a 100% disability claim on his injury, but not awarding him 3100 bucks a month. This is so FUCKING RETARDED,,, it's fucking ridiculous!! Absolutely shitless ridiculous. If you approved that even to every vet out there, it would like a mosquito on the back of an elephant on diet. There is no money loss. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO RUN OUT OF MONEY. How utterly stupid. They blow more money in one year on defense contractors, and money on all kinds of bullshit ( The Feds do ) that bogle the imagination.

It's such a stupid argument. But, yes you retarded raters that think that way; which explains why there are so many appeals clogging the appeals process. But, it's part of the DELAY, DENY, UNTIL YOU DIE.
PS... REMEMBER. Everyone makes money off the Veterans.

The Doctors... The Lawyers... The VSO's... The community ... Even the VA... (They want your insurance card).. The VA Employees! The Government does as a whole... The Real Estate agents ( VA Loan )...

There are so many examples, just think about it. EVERYONE MAKES MONEY OFF THE VETERANS. everyone.

Even the guy making these You Tube Videos up above, their making money off of him..
PS#2 Also, again on the Raters. If that rater is a Civilian, and their only barely making that 50K/yr, they're less compelled, to give you a certain % rating if it come's close to say a 90%/100% rating compensation on a claim if they know you're going to get 10-12 year back pay on that claim. Say for example if your trying to get a high value claim [ that the VA has held you up for almost 12 years due to their incompetence ] and finally it come's time for it to be awarded.

Well, IF it is to be awarded, that calculated it with a back pay amount of approximately $198,357.98 in back pay. with a monthly payment of 1862.00 to 3100.00 month. approximately.

Do you think that Civilian Rater is going to "Inclined to award you that claim ?" WELL. Their actually finding that their actually deciding against the Veteran {When their not supposed be doing so} They did a study and found that the Ex Veteran Raters were in fact awarding a higher % of those claims to veterans.

Because, they have been through the same shit as the those veterans. The Civilian raters they found were actually JEALOUS. That's right, that's what they found. Some insiders even wrote letters to the VA, that knew some of them, and blew the whistle on them.

See, I found this from some civilians around here that I live around also. Even from my own HR dept where I work, and from people in general. They would never step foot into a military recruiting station and sign up. Into any of the 4 branches of the military, and dare go overseas to serve. They would always say, "Oh, not me! I wouldn't do that!" "I wouldn't want someone shooting at me." etc.

But, their the first to say, "They shouldn't have that, or this."
The VA should just be completely trashed. The money should be used to buy vets insurance from a good, reliable carrier. A top end deal with the benefits of medicare and then some. Then just let the vets get their own care at their own care centers around them. The whole idea by the government being in the hospital business is a failure out of the gate.
Some of the Retirees are using the:

They can go to the VA, or use this ^ If their retirees.
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But, be rest assured, their going to try to fuck them out of their TRICARE Sooner or later just like they'll try to fuck every one else out of their Medicare, and social security.

The Republicans are already ( behind the scenes ) are trying to fuck the Veterans out of their ability to draw their VA Disability and their SSDI both at the same time.

Oh, the Almighty power of Republicanism and Conservatism will be the death of us all yet.
if the the Vet, retired at 20 or more years of service, then they have TRICARE to use. Especially, if they have a wife and kids. If you're a Vet like me that served under or less than 20 years ( 9 years in my case ), I am eligible for the VA only.

The Tricare Vets some do go to the VA; however, their preferring not to go to the VA, because it's so short funded $, the hospital care has suffered from underfunding. The care has suffered. I've seen evidence of it myself. I've heard stories, and experienced a few things myself. It's true. They cut from the wrong things.$

Scheduling is totally screwed up.

They mess things up. Psychiatry will rail road you like a train from hell. Primary care can be a real trip.
Trump has them all terrified to death.

I think the concept is that VETERANS have special problems, that individual hospitals, and clinics don't know how to address! they understand PTSD. They don't' understand Vets. Vets have gone to outside clinics and those clinics have told them, "We don't have the experience to deal with you issues." "you'll have to go back to the VA."

One told me that one time too.

What also is going on is that, "The private hospitals, and clinics are looking to pad their ticket." "They'll take the veterans, however, they'll not solve certain problems." "They'll keep scheduling appoints as long as the VA keeps sending SAR authorizations! $$$ Padding the ticket"

You get the picture?

They VA was designed for the Veterans. The problem is the Republicans want it privatized out.

It has always been a socialist system since the beginning. Always has been. It was made that way.
The problem is that people expect the VA to be a money maker or break even service. It isn't. It was never designed to be, much like the United States Postal Service.

And when you have perpetual war for decades at a time involving hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of soldiers, your costs are never, ever going to plateau. They're only going to get exponentially worse.

If you can't afford to take care of all the soldiers then you shouldn't be going to war. It's that simple. We're spending 240 billion dollars a year on the VA right now but the new defense budget is around 750 billion. Three times that amount.

See an issue there?
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