IJN Sendai light cruiser

Are those smaller gun mounts between the funnels?
I mean besides the 6 (8?) main guns,
the 2 mid torpedo launchers (2 each ?),
the 1 or 2 midget subs and
the float bi-plane with crane (can it do hook take-off and landing catches)?
Yes. I'd love to have that ship, but at 8500 gold it's a bit much for me now. (especially given my recent expenses.)

But I do have the Prinz Eugen and the USS Helena. Got those on that huge half off sale they had at Christmas. They're both awesome ships.

I'm grinding the Japanese line to get to the Furutaka. It's actually the next ship in the line. It was my favorite Japanese ship in World of Warships. Once I get it and get it spade, I'll probably move back to the Germans and Americans and work those lines all the way up.