If this is true, I'll sign the petition to make it happen.

Trump has never personally set foot in a court room. No way he would do that now. This is somebody's idea of a joke. Gotta be.
Personally, I don't trust your stacked SC now.
Tell ya the truth it actually wouldn’t surprise me one bit, anytime you have a 6-3 SC stacked with Republicans and Republicans backing him before the court slanders democracy, the American people, our election process, etc.

It’s a total complete joke. These people are absolute Idiots.
Ok what I would have liked them to have done is written something tearing his butt up for this. They let him off too easy !!

The SC should have explained why to some short degree atleast. Then, scolded everyone behind this piece of shit !!

Spanked them !! For even dreaming this up!

This would have been pure sedition for another state to invalidate another states democratic election process and democracy.

some states are debating sanctioning the lawyers who brought this case in their states. And, penalties to others over this involved with it.

And, I do believe the SC should have written a scorching rebuke to everyone in this.