I may be a bit scarce for a few days.

I tell you, it never rains but it pours.

After dinner my son asks if he can play his Lego Avengers game. I say sure, for one hour. He comes back down stairs a minute later telling me "my internet icon is gone".

I go up and look and sure enough the little internet wifi icon usually on the taskbar is gone. I check his card, it checks out fine. I notice an alert and it's about the firewall being turned off. I ask him if he's messed with anything and he says no. I try to turn it back on an it simply will not.

As a final test I take the usb wifi down to the main floor, plug it in to this laptop, disable the onboard and it works just fine.

Gotta admit, I'm stumped. Guess I'll do a system restore on it this morning after he wakes up and see what happens.
Hope your boy didn't clikitty clikitty click on some virus.
He may well have. I didn't have antivirus on it because typically Windows Defender gets the job done.

It wouldn't even do a system restore. It would get about 45% of the way and then error out and revert back to where it was. Wound up doing it the USB way.

Needless to say I went ahead and broke bad and put some antivirus software on it. He plays on a lot of these educational sites and God only knows what he clicks on.

I do know that some of them still use flash in some of their presentations and the like, which is not a good thing.

One thing's for sure: something flat out messed up the operating system. It's all sorted now but I've never seen a Windows install get to where not only can it not fix itself but neither can you.
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