Hurricane Incoming

Yep. My Halifax son had everything ready last night. We put a few things away. It seems to be more eastward now and going to affect Prince Edward Island (PEI) and western Newfoundland.
We're still getting strong gusts tomorrow but the rain amount is way down for us from 100-150mm (4-6in) to 30-40mm (1-1.5in).

It's also combining with a low trough up here. Three cruise ships have already decided against landing in Halifax.
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Been through a couple up here. Juan (2003) hit Halifax hard . Later that year we had a winter storm we dubbed 'WinterJuan". The kids still remember that one as the snow in the driveway was about five and a half feet high. The kids and wife couldn't actually see over it. Took three days to get the snowplow into the subdivision.
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Now that's some freaking snow!

My wife told me that when she was a kid it wasn't unusual to not be able to see out the windows of the first few floors of a building in Russia because the snowdrifts would be 30 feet high.
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