How long is your driveway?

Gomez Adams

Grammar Fascist
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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
So I'm just now unpacking a lot of pictures from our week at my friends house. I've always told people about the driveway to the house and most times nobody believes me. It's over a quarter of a mile long.

I had made a store run for a few things and on the way back I decided to stop about every 200 yards or so and take a picture. You turn off the dead end of the main road onto their driveway.

This is just inside the front gate. The main road is about 20 feet behind me.


This picture is taken right past that big front open area of trees. If you look at the first picture you'll see where the driveway gets narrow. This is taken a couple car lengths past that point. Note that you can NOT see the end of the driveway from here.


This picture is taken about 250 yards past the last one. It's a long, long ways through this area. Note that you can now see what appears to be an "exit" to the "tunnel" of live oaks. (Fun fact: a lot of the timber that went into the USS Constitution - Old Ironsides - came from this area.)


This is at the end of the "tunnel" you saw in the previous picture. You can see a couple of burn piles of dead brush that Wayne has piled up to be burned off later over in the field to the left. You can also just glimpse part of the house in the distance.


This is just past the burn piles looking left. All of those small trees are fruit bearing. He's got everything from lemon and lime trees to several different types of apple and all things in between. You can also see a few shed buildings he has. Most hold his farm equipment.


Now we're another 100 yards (at least) past where the above pic was taken. A stubborn rabbit didn't want to get the hell out of the middle of the driveway. On the right are more fruit trees. You can see the lengths Wayne goes to in trying to keep racoons, deer and other critters from chewing up the bark on the trees.


This is almost to the end of the driveway looking left at the garden. They have pretty much everything in there. Before dinner we go out and pick whatever we want for dinner. Plenty of corn, okra, string beans, kiwi fruit, melons...everything.


Now THAT is what I call a driveway.