Heisenberg's 1000 Game Churchill Challenge

Day 15 and right back to the shitter. Yet another loss so this is a new record at 5 in a row. Once again I couldn't hit anything and when I did I did no damage. I also got one shot. The first shot from a TD I never saw tracked me and the second shot from a T1 Heavy did 1000 damage and killed me instantly. Just complete horse shit.

And the tank stats.

And the game stats.
Day 16 results. I was allowed to do damage and win again. From a guy that can't hit the broad side of a barn to a superior marksman that can't miss with the same crew in the same tank in the same game from one day to the next.

And the tank results.

And the game results.
The frustrating part is that all this talk about skill and get good is just pure bullshit. It's a Churchill for crying out loud. It's slower than hell and can't turn and can't hull down or any of that ridiculous crap. You do your best to get in close and blast away and kill people with your superior hit points and fire rate.

Until the game decides you can't. You just magically can't do it anymore. 4000 WN8 one game 400 the next. Same guy. Same crew. Same tank. Same game. Hell even the same damn map sometimes. It's just laughable that anybody would ever believe I had any control at all over any of it.
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Day 17 another predictable win. Didn't do that great because it was a T6 game so I died pretty quick.

Day 17 tank result.

And the game.
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Day 18 results. Sorry I didn't get one in yesterday but I had to work an additional half shift and was just zonked when I got home and went straight to bed. Another game of I couldn't hit a damn thing and I wasn't around for long as I got tag teamed by a KV2 and a KV1S. The other teams arty was unreal. They had a Left and a M44 with 4 kills each. They had like 60% hit rates the whole game. Only becuase they got stupid in the end did they lose.

Tank stats.

Game stats.
Sorry I didn't get one in yesterday but I had to work an additional half shift and was just zonked when I got home and went straight to bed.
Pal, don't think you're beholden unto us over this thing. It's totally your bag, man. Take whatever time you need. I can't even remember the last time I worked that long, but I can promise you I'm sure I didn't come home and jump on a computer game.

At any rate, yeah. It doesn't seem to matter what quantity you do the games in the patter continuously repeats itself. It's so damned obvious a child could see it.
Day 19 results. Game was really laggy. More lag than I've seen in a long time. Everybody was complaining about it. Was allowed to be Superman again only to lose.

Tank results.

Game results.
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About the lag.....there seem to be more then a few people over that last week describing laggy or stuttering internet. I can tell you one of my steam games had that exact problem two days ago.