Heisenberg's 1000 Game Churchill Challenge

Day 12 one battle result in. Couldn't hit a thing and when I did couldn't pen it and if it did I did no damage. Was point blank with a M4 tank and couldn't hit him. It was ridiculous.

Tank results day 12.

Battle results.
Day 13. Same thing. Odd though because I couldn't get a game for a while. Hit battle and waited 3 minutes then reset then did it again. Took 4 times of waiting 3 or 4 minutes then resetting to get a game. Once I did it was worse than yesterday was. Couldn't do any damage at all.

Tank results.

Game results.
The waiting time is curious. Is it normal for a Wednesday AM to wait that long?

I don't personally EVER recall having to wait that long and I play mostly from morning to mid afternoon at latest.

I've had to reset once or twice, but I typically never wait that long. Normally, it hits a minute, I reset and a few seconds later off I go.

Couldn't do any damage at all.

Yeah. 13 of 15 for only 270 damage is a load of horse shit.
The waiting time is curious. Is it normal for a Wednesday AM to wait that long?
No. It isn't. Had the same thing happen again just now to get my one game in. And once I finally got in it wasn't a full game. There were only 13 per side. Same rigged bullshit though.
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Day 14 results. Was able to magically do damage again but yet another team of bots that couldn't do a thing. In fact 4 of them rammed each other right at the start and never made it out of cap until half the team was already dead.

And the day 14 tank stats.

And the day 14 game stats.

So check this out. I was on my way to set up where all the heavies usually go on this map. I was the only one there with a medium trying to help. By the time we got there and set up half the team was already dead. Two minutes in and it's already all over for us. I hadn't even had the chance to fire a shot yet.