Heisenberg's 1000 Game Churchill Challenge

Day 38 results. Most bullshit game I have ever played. I got jumped by 4 or 5 different light tanks after the two guys with me turned and ran. I was pummeling them with every shot I fired for no damage at all. We're talking M5 Stewarts and a T6 Medium and an M8A1. Hit after hit for no damage at all. I think I've had enough for a while of this bullshit. I'm taking a break.

Tank stats.

Game stats.

And here's the absolute bullshit performance screen.

11 hits against light tanks and only 5 did damage. Absolutely the biggest crock of bullshit I have ever seen.
Wow. When you're hitting for no damage on a light, the fix is most definitely in.

The other X factor I'm looking at is: the average damage on their guns is around 100. So how did your armor block 12 of their shots yet only block 695 damage?

That number should have been somewhere close to 1,100.

It's just laughable on both sides of the ball. Not only do they "randomly" cut your damage by over half, they "randomly" cut the damage your armor can block in half which "randomly" increases the damage you take by half.

It's beyond ridiculous.
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