He’s leaving and tells why.

And nothing of value was lost.

For someone that was given the keys to the kingdom, he sure did complain a lot. It's not like he paid for anything, or actually had to do anything to earn what he got.

I don't recall him ever giving any real input. He complained about power creep. That was it. I've seen plenty of other CC's that quit for good reason - namely they gave well thought out input on how to fix things in the game (and Warships) and were just completely ignored.

Those people I hated to see go. It's part of why I and roughly 3 million other people left. Wargaming was never interested in fixing their game. Ever. Just spam more of the same money grabbing crap, rinse and repeat.

I don't see anybody missing him at all.

One more small point: if the game is such crap now that even he has left it, man it must be really, really, really bad.
Yes, I agree. I supported his ass to be honest $. I paid lots of money into the game, and he got a free ride!

Some of his crowd abused the system, took advantage of so much, vehicles, game mechanics, things that WG would not fix, and so much more.

Meanwhile, WG soured people, pissed people off, crapped on players, in every way.

I don’t know, I would say it is BAD over there. Too know how bad, you would have to sign back in and play a few games to just how badly, they F**** the game up ?

There are so many variables to how they can screw that game up.

I would say badly, they’ve screwed it up.
I haven't been there or really even thought about that game in a long time. I could not care any less. The only thing I do wish is that I could have sold the account and got something out of it.

But meh. Who cares anymore?
Well, I keep holding on to the account, hoping either I’ll get time one day to put it up for sale ? Or, they’ll get sued one day, might get something out of it ? Or, someone will buy them out ?

I don’t know what else to do ?
Seems like it’s been a year or more for me ? I can’t remember? They have been changing a lot of stuff on log in.

they want you to click on the mods last I was in there, etc etc.

I would have to go in there right now and start downloading cause I don’t know how long it would take ?
So, I logged in for the first time since I can remember ever logging into WOT ( roughly a year or more ? before the pandemic, I had quite before that even. )

So, I logged in and this popped up, I'll tag screenshots below: They gave some things away, for me being a 7-year veteran of the game etc.
^ 3 million in silver, 2 premium tier 7 tanks ( super hellcat, super chaffee ) 10 premium days, and inside that prize box were more goodies, those other things are more stuffs with reserves, and things for earning more money when you play battles with any of your tanks...