GOP Quietly Scrubs Webpage Detailing Trump's 'Historic Peace Agreement With the Taliban'

Well, he, Pompeo and a bunch of others went around touting these "peace deals" they made. It was all bullshit, of course.

The part that is really pissing me off though is how all the democrats are now pointing to that as a defense to Joe Biden's complete mismanagement of our withdrawal.

Don't get me wrong: I'm all for the withdrawal. I don't think anybody was under any illusion that Afghanistan would digress the instant we walked out the door.

But it didn't have to be done this quickly. It's not rocket science. We process our allies and move them out. We process our embassy, move those folks out and shut it down. Then the troops move out. It is just that easy.

Instead, our troops abandoned ship in an "every man for himself" manner and it turned into this complete debacle we now see.

That is on Biden and Biden alone. For anybody to even mention Trump's name over that is ridiculous. Trump didn't give any orders. Biden did. Every last one of them.