Gneisenau013 aka Marvin Chow gives Knavbot a strike for killing him in game.

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Dec 1, 2020
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This article has been in the back of my mind since @Zeedox , our resident Canadian, posted a story about Gneisenau013's sacking just a few days ago:

At the time, I had posted this in part:

To be fair, Gneisenau013 is a complete asshole. That guy is one of the "if you don't like it leave" people that rammed everything down everybody's throat. I'm not familiar with CabMech. I do remember Cabbage Mechanic. He was an ass as well.

I remembered an article that was on the old site but didn't hunt it down until today. So here it is with only one edit - Personal Contact Information (Address, Phone Numbers) Removed:


Original Author: Thing 1
September 24, 2018

Folks, I’m not shitting. Read that title about 10 times and let it sink in.

This is NO SHIT: That fucking asshole Wargaming employee gave Knavbot a strike and threatened to sanction his account in the future for killing him in game with his Graf Z. But we’re getting way ahead of ourselves, aren’t we? Let’s start at the beginning:

Now, I’m not a Warships dude, but we have a couple around here that filled me in. The Graf Zeppelin is a premium aircraft carrier in yet another failed venture by Wargaming called World of Warships. I never played the damn thing for how bad they fucked up tanks and airplanes, so there you go.

The Graf Zeppelin was supposed to be a decent, run-of-the-mill carrier to get the Germans into the air battle along with the U.S. and Japan. People could tell though from the very beginning it was RIDICULOUSLY OP. No shit, people were crying rivers over this damn thing in testing.

But Wargaming being Wargaming, they didn’t give a fuck. Community Contributors even said it was the worst OP piece of shit they had ever seen. A couple quit over it. But fuck it, right? Wargaming needs the money so they hurled it into the game anyway even with everybody warning them not to.

From what I’m told, they’ve reworked the damned thing a couple of times to no avail. To get hit by the Graf Z is, simply put, a death sentence. Instantly.

And that brings us to the game that Knavbot played. Here is the full video of that game:

And here are the relevant screen shots:

Note the players already talking shit about the Graf Z’s in the game and how they one shot everything, including their power platoon of 3 Bismarck Battleships, one of whom is Gneisenau013:


Note that the people on Gneisenau013’s team are the ones actually swearing and breaking chat rules. None of them get anything. Nothing at all.

So then here comes Sir Dick…I mean Gneisenau013 and he drives right into the path of Knavbot’s bombers from his Graf Z. The result was already foretold before:


And the aftermath chat:



And that’s it, folks. That’s all Knavbot said: Enjoy WG.

He killed a Wargaming employee. What was he supposed to say? Enjoy person on the other team that I can’t mention?

So needless to say, Knavbot went on his merry way, logged off, went to bed and didn’t think anything about it until the next day when he checks his email and sees this shit:


Needless to say, he was shocked so he made his own Reddit about it.

Then of course, somebody inevitably brought it to me which brings us to where we are.

The first thing I wondered when I was first brought this was: Maybe Knavbot shot his mouth off on the forum and got a strike for that.



The guy hasn’t posted since July, and rarely post at all.

But Marvin was still rolling his shit out on Saturday morning:


In the end, a Wargaming dickhead (and they are ALL dickheads) got mad, pissed himself and threw a temper tantrum because he got one shot by an OP piece of shit that HIS COMPANY BUILT AND HURLED INTO THE GAME TO MAKE A FUCKING DOLLAR.

Hey, asshole! Blame your shit-assed company, not the guys paying your fucking salary you dumb fuck!

Speaking of, just who is this dumb fuck anyway?

Well, his name is Marvin Chow. He’s another in a long, long line of fucking assholes that work for Wargaming, sit around on their ass all day playing video games getting paid for it, and pitch bitch fits when they lose then start hurling out strikes and bans because they think they’ll never have to answer for it.

Wrong, asshole. It’s your day of reckoning today. So, if anybody wants the pleasure of contacting this epic horses ass, here you go:

Marvin Chow
Born January 13, 1973

Note to any gaming company on earth: THIS is why you don’t let your fucking employees play the fucking game. When you do that, these little dickless brats start striking, banning and punishing the actual players that pay for your fucking game. You want to know why gaming has done so far down hill so fucking fast? This is why: YOUR OWN FUCKING EMPLOYEES!

How this fucking asshole still has a job after this bullshit is beyond me.

That he’s raising two kids and has this petty a spoiled brat attitude is even worse.

Go fuck yourself, Marvin you hack. I hope you get shitcanned for this bullshit. You certainly deserve to.

UPDATE 9/25/18

Well guys, you’re not going to believe this shit – they responded. And it’s the most laughable fucking excuse I’ve ever seen.


So, in other words, several people had reported one player of the platoon sometime in the past, say, few days, week, what the fuck ever. And the powers that be mulled it over, fully investigated, yada-yada-yada decided to give him a strike for all the bullshit. So they apply a strike to his account for shit he did days before and it all just so happens to hit EVERYBODY he was platooned with through some sort of half-assed osmosis long after the fucking fact at the exact moment that Knovbot fucked Gneisenau013 in the ass with his Graf Z.

If you believe that bullshit, folks, I have a very nice bridge on the Hudson that’s for sale. Cheap!

Official thread for anybody that’s interested.

Top Comment: Gomez Adams

It was bad when I read what Alex posted and watched the video. It’s even worse reading this. But you know, they’ve been doing this for a long time; especially on the forums. Their little buddy-buddy system of mods, admins and their hangers on have ruined every Wargaming title I think far more than anything Wargaming developers actually did.
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That's why I wasn't very surprised the other day when you posted that he had been fired and that another CC quit due to his firing. They're all a bunch of spoiled crybabies that ran the gravy train as long as they could.

I don't feel the least bit sorry for any of them.

Anybody with any integrity at all left the program and/or Wargaming years ago. Anybody going out now is simply a rat running or being forcefully hurled off of the sinking ship.
WG has been on a Death March (program management) for years.

Software development and software engineering are the fields in which practitioners first applied the term to these project management practices, spreading to other fields.

Death marches that are destined for failure usually are a result of unrealistic or overly optimistic expectations in scheduling or feature scope, and often include lack of appropriate documentation or relevant training and outside expertise that would be needed to accomplish the task successfully. The knowledge of the doomed nature of the project weighs heavily on the psyche of its participants, as if they are helplessly watching themselves and their coworkers. There may be desperate attempts to right the course of the project by asking team members to work especially grueling hours (14-hour days or 7-day weeks) or by attempting to "throw (enough) bodies at the problem", often causing burnout.

The discomfort is heightened by project participants' knowledge that the failure is avoidable. It may have succeeded with competent management, such as by devoting the obviously required resources, including bringing all relevant expertise, technology, or applied science to the task rather than just whatever incomplete knowledge a few employees happened to possess. Business culture pressures may play a role in addition to mere incompetence.
This part:

There may be desperate attempts to right the course of the project by asking team members to work especially grueling hours (14-hour days or 7-day weeks) or by attempting to "throw (enough) bodies at the problem", often causing burnout.

Perfectly describes the operations of Tesla. It's the same thing every single quarter.
And that guy sold his house and moved his entire family to Austin to keep his job with them in 2018. If you look at his LinkedIn he went to school in SF and worked for them in Emeryville and lived there. Wow. He's fucked. Pardon me for just a moment.