Georgia Lying Cops (or caught in the act idiots)


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Dec 1, 2020
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LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC/Gray News) - An incident that involved players from a university’s lacrosse team and deputies in Georgia remains under investigation.

WTOC reports Delaware State University President Tony Allen released a statement on Monday responding to the incident that reportedly happened on April 20 in Liberty County.

Allen wrote Georgia law enforcement stopped a bus for a minor traffic violation with the Delaware State Lacrosse team on board. Deputies searched the belongings of the student-athletes, including suitcases with drug-sniffing dogs.

“100% you can’t be in that left lane at all,” said a Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputy.

The team was returning home from a game in Florida and traveling by a contracted bus, according to Allen.

Liberty County Sheriff William Bowman held a news conference about the incident but took no questions. He claimed that no personal items on the bus were searched.

Body camera video obtained by WTOC, however, clearly showed the deputies going through the students’ bags and even medication.

Stay classy sheriffs..