FTC files fresh antitrust complaint seeking to break up Facebook


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Dec 1, 2020
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The Federal Trade Commission renewed its bid to break up Facebook (FB) on Thursday by filing an amended complaint in federal court alleging the tech giant has monopolized social media and harmed competition.
The new complaint comes nearly two months after a federal judge tossed out the original complaint, arguing that the FTC had not provided sufficient evidence that Facebook holds a monopoly in social media to warrant allowing the case to continue.

break that failbook
This will be about the 5th time it's been tried.

The simple fact of the matter is that Facebook should never have been allowed to buy everybody up to begin with. They (the government) ALWAYS does this:
  • Write a law that forbids monopolies
  • Allow one company to go around buying up every competitor there is
  • Wind up with a monopoly
  • Try desperately to break that monopoly up
  • Write more laws that forbid monopolies
The phone companies and internet companies have done it 3 times already and are doing it again. Banks are the same way and movie production companies.
Aint that the damn truth! Of all the absolute shit I'm bombarded with every day of my life I can't remember ever seeing an ad other than one for a movie I think might be good that made me act on something. Ever.
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I remember a couple. One was the Butt Shoes. I think it was about 10 years ago. We were sitting here watching TV when I think it was Reebok that aired a commercial for the new Butt Shoes for women.

My wife ordered a pair within the hour.

The other was a commercial for Goodyear Assurance Tires. My wife's car was in need of a new set and I was actually looking at different tires on the internet when a commercial for the new Goodyear Assurance 80,000 mile radials aired. I watched the commercial, went to the Goodyear site to read more about them, ordered a set and set up the install date right then and there.

They do happen, but it is very few and far between.
Yep. They all got sued over it too. My wife had the Rebook butt shoes but Sketchers made them and a couple other people made them too.

They were all sued over it because they claimed that the unique bottom of the shoes toned your butt and legs but in reality it did nothing it all.

It cost them all millions of dollars when it was all said and done.
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