Forum Update 12-9-2020

I did a forum search and see no mention of him or post by him. I haven't been to this site in years.
I moved your thread here for a reason, so sorry if it's confusing. T1 hasn't been around for about a year now. In fact, not even the original site owner is around anymore.

Long story short:

As World of Tanks died off and everybody stopped playing it and moved on, we had less and less to do with it as well. We had nothing to really talk about so we tried to switch it over to a political site.

That was sort of ho-hum as well, so after some discussion we decided to just do away with having a site and just run a forum instead and talk about whatever.

We went through several forum redo's before settling on this one.

In between all of that we went from web hosting, to our own server, to a political site, to just a forum, (right about here T1 bows out) through several versions of forum software before we got to this one, to a few months later the guy that actually started it all bowed out.

He signed the domain over to me in April.

So now it's just down to a few of us left with me owning everything now. We're back on regular hosting as I sent the server back to the original owner back in February.

Since then things have settled down a great deal. There's typically 4 or 5 of us on here each week with an occasional post by somebody else. The advertising pretty much pays for the hosting, so we're fine with the way things are.

Feel free to stick around if you like, we'd be glad to have you.

The absolute last I know of T1, he did get covid-19 and spent a few days in the hospital at University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital. He did leave there and made a few posts on the software we were using before we bought this software. That would be October-November of 2020. That's the last I know of him.

As for the original site owner, I've not seen or heard from him either since April of this year after he signed over the domain to me.

So that's it. That's the whole casaba. If you have any other questions please use this thread. If you have personal questions to ask, please use the private messaging system (click the envelope in the upper right corner) and contact me directly.