Fortnight Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
I actually didn't know about this until I just saw an ad from a law firm about it.

Apparently, Fortnight and Epic Games settled a class action lawsuit over loot boxes for 26.5 million dollars.

I can't remember who brought this up a couple years ago, but I'm sure it was someone here.

They got sued because people thought that getting good prizes from loot boxes was misrepresented.

Turns out, they were right.

So now anybody that ever bought a loot box can claim up to 50 dollars cash or in game credits.

Makes me wonder about all these other games like World of Tanks, War Thunder, World of Warships and others that sell loot boxes.

I think @Capitalism_is_Theft had a run of 10 boxes or so where he got essentially nothing. It was a few years ago I think.

The only time I ever did them was World of Warships. I bought a pack of three I think it was. I got a big box of flags ( decent ), the British T6 Premium Battleship ( nice ) and don't remember what the other box was so it probably sucked.

But I do recall a lot of people really pissed off about buying 10 or more boxes and getting nothing but crap.
If I remember correctly, it was $2.99 for three boxes so I figured what the hell.

I wouldn't doubt though that they programmed it that way for the gambling effect: if you give them a good return on a small bet they'll then go all in on a big bet and you can then screw them.
I bought a pack of them. I think it was 5 for 10 dollars or something. Didn't get shit really. Got that little premium arty everybody talked about being OP. French one I think. Can't remmeber. Never played it though cause I hated arty.