Feds raid Mar a Lago - All things Trump

Wow. Just fucking wow.


Yes, I said it. We got suckered. Here's the video from the other side:

There actually are some supporters out there he's waving to. The secret service doesn't allow them to stand right out front; they make them stand the next block over. That's why you can't see them or hear them from the video shot behind Trump from the inside of the building.

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Finally, Trump gives us a peek into his moral compass: "You want to go to heaven, okay? You want to go to heaven. If you don't have heaven, you almost say, what's the reason? Why do I have to be good?"

Funny. I don't believe in any of it yet I find many reasons to do good.
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Yeah. He said the quiet part out loud.

But that's why the rich are the way they are. They realize this is it, so they throw everybody under the bus to maximize the little time they have. They don't give a damn how they'll be remembered, if at all.
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Ahhhh, the life of a convicted felon.

Former President Donald Trump is scheduled for a pre-sentencing interview with a probation officer Monday after his hush money trial conviction last month, according to a Trump campaign official and two sources familiar with the matter.​
The interview will be virtual and, as CNN previously reported, Trump attorney Todd Blanche will be present. Typically, a convicted defendant meets with a probation officer without an attorney.​
Monday’s routine pre-sentencing interview, which was first reported by NBC News, will form part of the report the probation department will submit to Judge Juan Merchan to help decide Trump’s punishment ahead of his sentencing, set for July 11.​
This is where if you're Trump's lawyer you jack him up with some sort of depressant. He shoots his mouth off here and he'll regret it.

And, on a personal note...

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