Feds raid Mar a Lago - All things Trump

Chutkan harkened back to warnings issued by America’s first president, George Washington, who cautioned that “cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men” would take advantage of “all obstructions to the execution of the laws.”
Trump's defense team has really and truly fucked up.

When Smith announced that he had a witness that was going to testify about data from Trump's phone that proved he was actively communicating with rioters and seeing their responses during the January 6th assault on the capital, they appealed, once again claiming that Trump was president and was above the law.

They did this of course to delay. It's been their plan all along. Knowing that the appeals court could take months to rule on it, then they could appeal to the SCOTUS and delay even longer, they figured that was their slam dunk move.

Wrong. Again.

Jack Smith has taken it straight to SCOTUS calling for an immediate ruling on it once and for all, completely bypassing the regular appeals process.
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And now there's this:

And of course he files for bankruptcy, following in the footsteps of Alex Jones.

Rudy Giuliani filed for bankruptcy in federal court in New York on Thursday, just days after a jury ordered him to pay nearly $150 million to two former Georgia election workers for defamation.​
According to the filing, Giuliani listed debts between $100 million and $500 million, and assets worth up to $10 million.​
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Well, he flat out refused to separate himself from his business and turn over his tax returns.

He literally broke every single law and standard of the presidency and invented new lows on top of that.

Absolutely nothing is surprising. At all.
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Well, it may be all over for Trump in Georgia - he, and everybody else, just might walk.

Fani Willis has really and truly fucked up. She's probably killed the ENTIRE case, plea deals and all. How anybody could be this fucking stupid is simply beyond my ability to understand.

And going on a live stream at your church crying about it while dodging the local press only makes it worse in my book.

She should be jailed for this bullshit. At the very least, she should never work as a lawyer in any capacity ever again.
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