Feds raid Mar a Lago - All things Trump

All I know is everytime I hear one of them say "I don't know" I actually hear "taking the 5th".
Well, think about it. How would they actually know? They're not the ones drawing up all those documents. They're not the ones filing out all that paperwork.

In fact, Michael Cohen actually testified earlier to that very thing: That it was he and Weisselberg (a highly educated lawyer and CPA) that did it all at Trump's request. He never once mentioned any of the kids.

Again, this prosecutor is not very bright. He's actually proving the kids innocence and stupidity for them.
It's just a complete shit show.

After another short aside in an answer from Donald Trump, Judge Arthur Engoron told attorney Chris Kise to control the former president or he will be dismissed from the stand.​
Asked by Kevin Wallace of the NY attorney general's office if a statement about 40 Wall Street's $550 million evaluation is accurate, Trump referred to the legal issue of the statute of limitations.​
"Five year statute of limitation. You’re still on 2014," Trump said.​
Engoron wasn't pleased: "Mr. Kise that was a simple yes or no question. We got another speech. I beseech you to control him if you can. If you can’t I will. I will I excuse him and draw every negative inference that I can."​
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it was the documents introduced that was the bus no one saw coming.
Actually, everybody knew that was coming. That's been public knowledge for almost 4 years now. The Feds refused to act on it, that's why James pushed forward with it.

The Trump "defense" starts next, but it's going to be laughable. At present, the judge still needs to rule on whether or not their "expert witnesses" will even be allowed to testify. They probably won't. After that, I'm sure they'll move for a mistrial about 5 times, then appeal, then appeal again, then appeal again, and Trump will be president again before any of it comes to fruition.

But about two years or so from now, he'll lose the ability to do business of any kind in New York. Permanently.

Trump isn’t supposed to be moving any money around without alerting Barbara S. Jones, a former federal judge in New York tasked with babysitting the Trump Organization for its relentlessly shady business practices. But on Wednesday, she notified a New York state court about some major bank transfers that were never brought to her attention by the Trumps.

Jones described the way she discovered the Trump family company once again breaking the rules during an audit of its finances in recent months.
And nothing will be done about it.

That's how Trump has always gotten away with everything he's ever done: there has never been a price to pay. Ever.

Why obey orders when nobody is going to do a damn thing when you break them?
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