Ex-Supertester on WGNA forums mentions how Wargaming treats supertesters and supertest co-ordinators


World of Warships Reporter
Mar 31, 2021
Found this on the WOWS NA Forums where ex-supertesters are beginning to turn against Wargaming
Not surprised in the least.

But let's be honest: what did they really expect? They're given a free ride and simply asked for an opinion. It's not like they were ever employees that had any real standing in the company.

I'm sure Wargaming sees it all as: We give you everything and you're bitching about it? Seriously? STFU and do some write-ups for your free stuff.

Not saying Wargaming is right to do that, but come on. They knew they were dealing with the devil the entire time. The only reason they all, and I mean each and every one of them, shilled their asses off for Wargaming all that time is because they were treated like royalty, given everything for free and they got to lord their power over the masses.

Funny how they get all bent out of shape when they are treated just like the rest of us who actually paid for everything we ever got.
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They're all high and mighty until the boss says "So what? Go fuck yourself!" and then it's cry like a little girl, pitch a fit, cry to your followers and make a scene. What a bunch of punk-ass bitches.
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