Every time you think it can't get any worse, it does.

Hey Guys,

This is actually a big thing in the local community area where my folks live. Seriously. The area where my folks live is a rural area. Now, the larger town of the county is approx 5-6 miles away from them, and they live near a state park area near a small unincorporated community near the state park. And, with all small county rural areas there are "churches, lots of them."

This is a life line to those small communities. Especially, during times like this. Those food items are very needed in times like these. For people on fixed incomes, or working folks who are trying to make ends meet, or people who are out of work, or a covid crisis, or other dilemma's etc.

And personally, I think it's terrible what the Trumps are doing with this !!

In general the GOP has been doing this for some time now, in the rural areas across America. That have been allowing the Churches to manage and handle this stuff! Why that is happening I don't know? It should never have been allowed to begin with !! Period !!

This has occurred back several years ago under another Republican administration. For pure POLITICAL POWER.

Assuring political control over rural America.

I need to finish reading the article.

But, in one hand I am not saying that is "wrong" for churches to give aid to people, that I am not saying. I don't believe it to be wrong for churches to freely give food, subsistence out to people in need, EQUALLY to ALL; with no expectation for anything in return. However, it doesn't sometimes work out that way.

The thing is Politicians, and Political parties will game the system for political advantage and control every time they get the get the opportunity to stay in power, and at tax payer expense.
Besides, " The GOP and Trumps are practicing SOCIALISM for the BASE ?" What's this ?

SOCIALISM ?? You mean socialism is OK for feeding the BASE ?? :oops:

Oh, no, that's too much like JESUS..
It's when religion decides to have a political overtone. Politicians should only be handing out food at non-secular events.
That's exactly it. In this case, it's the GOP hiding behind religion, the churches of many denominations to do their political biding.
They are hiding their acts of Socialism, under this "guise", so they don't have to classify it as Socialism. They can hide the act as religious charity, or the work of the lord, to maintain their political base. <wink wink> it's ordained by god! You see. It's in Jesus's name. Not Socialisms name. And the GOP is right by god.

If you live in the Bible Belt, you will learn that lesson well.