Elon Musk now owns Twitter

This guy is a blithering idiot.

So he's ruined Twitter but now he wants it to be a bank in one year; meanwhile, his car company is about to get screwed 9 ways from Sunday for manipulating the mileage from day one and lying to everybody about it.

What's more, the Cyber Truck he promised would be 40 grand isn't going to be made for the foreseeable future, only the very high end all wheel drive model will, so say goodbye to 90% of those pre-order deposits people put down on the 2 wheel drive model.

The guy is just falling apart at the seems and taking every company he has down with him.
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It's getting hard to keep up:

It’s been one year to the day since Elon Musk completed his purchase of Twitter for $44 billion and set the company, along with its employees and users, off on a whiplash-inducing series of twists and turns.​
Twelve months on, the company barely resembles its former self — and not only because Musk renamed it “X” and did away with its iconic blue bird branding. Through a dizzying and haphazard barrage of changes, Musk has transformed a profitable company once regarded as the world’s go-to source for breaking news and political commentary into a widely ridiculed platform that’s fighting just to break even and crippled by debt; that’s struggling to manage spam and disinformation; that’s alienated some of its biggest advertisers and users; and that’s casting about for purpose.​
Even as Musk — and new CEO Linda Yaccarino — push their vision for X as an “everything app,” the company has seemingly no clear path back to prominence or respectability, or to recouping Musk’s massive investment.​
“If we can achieve all of this in just 12 months, just imagine the scope of our ambition for next year,” Yaccarino said.
I shudder to think. :rolleyes:
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And now the European Commission has frozen ads on Twitter.

It would seem that Musk attended the George Armstrong Custer school of I Have a Cunning Plan.
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