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Dec 1, 2020
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September 13, 2019


Folks, I know this has nothing to do with Wargaming, but this is the kind of story you just don’t let go. You speak up. LOUDLY.

Now, this all started with a friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous. He’s ex-military. He’s got issues. Shit, don’t they all? It’s always seemed revolting to the point of you have to laugh or you’ll cry that somehow this nation can always shit a trillion dollars to send our guys and gals off to war but they can never afford a red damn cent to help them once they get home.

Well, guess what. Go on. Guess.


So, my friend has had health issues since his stint in the military ended nearly two decades ago. That goes without saying as the vast majority of them suffer the same fate.

But this guy has some mental issues too. I don’t mean he thinks he’s Napoleon or he sleeps with his nuts between two blocks of cheese to attract the mice. I mean serious shit. He constantly contemplates suicide, has to make conscience efforts to do what most of us do automatically, like eat, breath, blink…you know, the basics.

So he goes in for what is called a C&P examination. Now, that stands for compensation and pension. It’s an evaluation to determine if, and how much, help you require. In going through that you go through several phases of physical and mental evaluation.

So my buddy gets sent to this fucking asshole – Dr. Michael Loftin. Now, this asshole works at a place called Brentwood Clinical Psychology. Here’s their info so you can avoid it like the fucking plague:

750 Old Hickory Blvd
Building #2, Suite 150
Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
(615) 371-6188

Feel free to call this fucking asshole and give him a piece of your mind after you read all this shit.

So, back to the case at hand: my friend, we’ll call him Joe, goes in to see this guy. Now, one of the first things this guy ask is about his young life in the military. OK. Understandable. He needs background.

So Joe tells him about a huge mistake he made. He and a buddy went out, got pretty drunk, and tried to get back to the barracks when they should have just holed up in a cheap hotel room.

It had been raining and was dark and they missed a stop sign. By the time they realized it and hit the brakes they slid into a marquis. No real damage to the marquis, very little damage to the car, but still…it’s the military. You don’t limp home drunk ON POST in the military.

Well, you do as long as you don’t get caught. But we’ll not get into that.

So he and his buddy both got a bawling out, lost a stripe over it, and that was pretty much that.

He was 21 years old.

And the session went COMPLETELY off the rails right there. This asshole started jumping all over his ass, saying he was worthless, that everything was his fault, that he used that as an excuse for everything else, and on and on and fucking on.

He never made it past the age of 21. He never made it past the first year and a half of Joe’s service at all, let alone to the issues that fucked him up and haunt him to this day. That all took place a decade later.

But apparently, Michael Loftin can instantly foresee the future of anybody that’s spent exactly 7 minutes and 22 seconds with him and never made it past the age of 21 in the persons story and never actually heard one god damned thing about what his actual problem is.

But as I said before, that’s only the tip of the fucking iceberg.

Now, contrary to popular belief, I like to hear multiple sides of the story and do some investigating on my own before I jump on a bandwagon. So I did. I started looking into this guy.

Guess what. Go on. Guess.

This is NOT a one-off for this so-called ‘doctor’. He treats EVERY military person that way. ALL of them.

So then the question becomes: Why?!?!

Why the flying hell would a therapist treat military personnel, who need help more than just about anybody with all the shit they go through, like hammered dog shit? Tell you what – before I get to that, let’s get to what a few other military folks have to say about this fucking disgrace to the medical profession:

I couldn’t believe this guy is a psychologist. He has been consistently rude and condescending. Has a unprofessional attitude towards helping people.

I’d steer clear away from this man. Even if he is the cheapest option in town (probably for a reason).
I was sent to Dr. Loftin early in March 2019 for a psychological evaluation for the VA. I am a combat veteran and was diagnosed with PTSD two years ago. To receive treatment through the VA I had to be evaluated by Dr. Loftin who is basically a contract evaluator because the VA has severe staff shortages. Dr. Loftin was polite and mostly professional during my evaluation and also very condescending. He spoke to me as if I were faking my condition. I found out several months later that his recommendation was no evidence of any kind of PTSD. This was a huge setback for me and my family. I have since received treatment with my own private insurance. I was not trying to get money from the VA. I was only trying to get treatment. I recommend no veteran ever see this man.
Know it all. What he says goes. If you speak up or defend yourself in anyway, he gets frustrated with you. I didn’t agree with him, so he cancelled my appointment on the spot, after driving 80 miles. If you are a Veteran with an appointment for C&P, reschedule immediately!! Trust Me, I’m a Veteran. It will not go well for you.
The reviews left by the Veterans proved to be spot on correct I am afraid. Sorry to say unfortunately, my experience was no better. I was belittled, and made feel that my answers were deliberate, disingenuous responses with the ill intent to deceive someone. I don’t see why I would drive out of town to an appointment arrive 1.5 hours early just to do that? And to be treated the way I was? Ever word stated by the vets above proved to be correct I read posted here before me. Now, I know why they posted what they did.
Terrible experience. Did not agree with him. He cancelled my exam on the spot and refused to see me. Does not listen, only talks and wants you to agree with him. If you don’t, he dosent want to deal with you. 80 mile drive to see him, and this is what happened. Go Somewhere Else!! Trust Me, you’ll be glad you did. If you are a Veteran who has an exam with Dr. Loftin, reschedule immediately with a different Doctor!! I’m a Veteran, and he does not care that you served this Country.
Dr. Loftin is a CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) “one trick pony”. He does not provide a warm and compassionate environment to discuss problems. He is completely by-the-book using CBT techniques and comes off rather cold and uncaring. I did not feel comfortable being completely open with Dr. Loftin so can not recommend him. I can recommend doing CBT with the right provider though don’t waste your time or money with Dr. Loftin, find someone who is more caring.
Folks, these are the men and women that bleed the ground red on our behalf. Good, bad or indifferent, to have them all at different times say the same thing about the same exact person is no coincidence.

So I really took a good look at this guy. Some odd things I found:
  • He has no website. He used to, but it’s gone and replaced with a domains for sale ad.
  • He has no email. He used to, but it’s been replaced by a referral site form.
  • He has no proper reception team. It’s handled by half-wits.
It’s almost as if he’s broke or some shit. Which leads me to sunny point number 2: He has a Federal Tax Lien against his house. $61,169 worth!

Let me say that again a bit louder:

Dr. Michael Loftin and his wife have a Federal Tax Lien against their house for $61,169.00!

NOW it all starts to make sense, doesn’t it?

I’m willing to bet 100,000 dollars I don’t have that this fucking asshole struck a deal with the Federal Government to do pro bono work for veterans in exchange for not sending his ass to jail for tax evasion.

And, not surprisingly, the doctor that’s in hock to the Federal Government in the high 5 figures suddenly treats all former and current Federal Employees like shit.

You can’t make this shit up, folks.

But wait! There’s more!

Remember our man Joe was given a ration of shit over his driving incident on post back when he was 21?

Well, maybe the good doctor Loftin got pissed off because it reminded him of what his wife just did a few years back.

Now, Robin Loftin, is a registered nurse…and resident speed demon. She got busted doing OVER 20 MPH OVER THE LIMIT!

That’s a super speeder ticket, folks.

So what we have here is a dynamic duo of pure shit. A psychologist that treats traumatized veterans like shit and a registered nurse that puts peoples lives in danger by speeding LUDICROUS amounts over the limit.

And they’re both tax dodging assholes on top of it all.

Now, odds are they’ll never read this…until I post it all over the fucking internet to the point it climbs to top results for his sorry ass on Google…but the day they do maybe they’ll straighten up and treat these guys and gals with some fucking respect.

God knows, they’ve earned it.

The hard way.

And these two fucking immoral, tax dodging, public endangering assholes?

They’ve done exactly fuck-all.

So, if you’re a veteran and want to give these fucking assholes a piece of your mind or your own “evaluation”, the office info is listed up above. Here’s the other relevant info:

Michael Loftin.jpg
Michael Loftin
5576 Saddlewood Ln
Brentwood, TN 37027
Cell 1: (615) 594-3545
Cell 2: (615) 594-3542
Land Line: (615) 376-8135

Have fun, folks! And thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service.

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Dec 1, 2020
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I'll add those newer veteran reviews to the story in a bit. Gotta get some coffee. Priorities, you know.

If you have a link to the colour picture have you tried the waybackmachine? https://archive.org/web/

I'll give that a shot.

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
I think I know what happened.

I did manage to find a page saved from the old site, but even there the image was gone. So I highlighted the area where the image had been and tried to find it. The image turned out to be a single pixel.

So what I think happened is that when Thing 1 originally wrote the article he just copied and pasted the image into it and when the good doctor paid to have the internet scrubbed of his bad press it replaced that image with the image of a single pixel to effectively wipe it out wherever it may be.

I think he found the black and white image first and actually downloaded it and used it but then found the color image later and simply got lazy and copy and pasted the link to the image. That's why I have one from the old archives but not the other.


When you search the links of his profiles on the internet they have all been excluded from the way back machine. He paid a LOT of money to get rid of everything.
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