Donald Trump Sucks #Trumpshitshow

Gomez Adams

Grammar Fascist
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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia

Well folks, here we go. Another week another #trumpshitshow.

Now, we’re giving this hashtag a boost because it pretty much stands for everything we’re seeing from our liar-in-chief. It was of course started by Representative Richard Dangler of Washington’s 11th district. He’s calling it like he sees it and folks, we’re jumping on the bandwagon!

Things were pretty much in the shitter when I decided to say “fuckitall” and went to the Talledega National Forrest of a week of relaxation all by my onsies. But when I came back even I was shocked at how far down hill shit went in a SINGLE WEEK.

So lets start the ball rolling on Monday of last week. In the middle of a fucking pandemic, Wisconsin republicans press on to hold an election rather than do what pretty much every other state in the nation has done and postpone it.

Why? Well, because of Trump, that’s why. He was HEAVILY supporting GOP Judge Daniel Kelly and wanted him elected no matter how many people had to die to do it.

Trump tweet on Election that should have been postponed.

So what happened? Well, the good people of Wisconsin showed up in force and showed the #trumpshitshow that they weren’t going to take his shit anymore.


He lost. Trump’s name lately has been a curse more than an aide. Of course, Trump blames voter fraud and everything else other that the fact he’s fucked up everything he’s touched. Now he’s blaming the WHO for his own failure to act from the beginning of this whole #trumpshitshow

Trump blames the World Health Orginization

Then he blames Obama.

Trump blames Obama
Then, get this, he tries to say thank you to American Prisoners of War.

Trump thanks prisoners of war

But we all know what he said about POW’s before, don’t we?

Trump likes people who WEREN’T captured

He just keeps on going! You can’t make this shit up! So with all of this shit going on, what does Trump talk about? What’s his “bragging” point? His ratings:

Trump proud of his ratings as Americans die.

Comparing over half a million sick and 20,000 dead to ‘The Bachelor’ is fucking sick and demented on a level I can’t possibly comprehend! And I’m a pretty sick son-of-a-bitch.

But he goes on!

Happy “Nailing your savior up on a cross” day!

He claims to be religious, but doesn’t realize that Good Friday is a day of somber remembrance, not a fucking kegger!

But wait! There’s more!

Trump claims mail in ballots are fraudulent.

Says Trump who in 2018 voted by mail in ballot. Hmmm…

Trump brags about nation wide disaster declaration.

He says this like it’s a good thing! Seriously folks! This complete fucking moron is actually BRAGGING about the ENTIRE NATION BEING A DISASTER AREA!!!

What the fuck is WRONG with this idiot?!?! #trumpshitshow

Trump starts the “poor me” bullshit.

Awwww…pressy needs a safe space.

Trump puts everything off on the governors.

So then he puts everything off on the governors after the governors have been begging him to use his powers to make companies pound out more supplies. Rather than do that, though, the #trumpshitshow makes deals they profit off of. Unfuckingbelievable.

Trump brags about oil deal that accomplished nothing.

So OPEC and Russia finally agreed to cut production by roughly 15% or so. Problem is, demand has dropped about 60% so it accomplished nothing. Gas down the street from me yesterday was going for $1:38 a gallon. I’ve not seen prices that low since the early 90’s.

And all of this shit and more in one single week, folks.

If you were standing by Trump in the beginning hoping for the best, well, OK. I’ll give you that. But how you stand behind this #trumpshitshow now boils down to one thing: