DeSantis suit against Disney coming home to roost.

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia

New figures released Wednesday find the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District anticipates it’ll spend $4.5 million in legal fees in 2024, after already incurring $1.9 million in costs this year. The figures were presented as part of the district’s larger budget proposal led by Glen Gilzean, the district administrator.​
One of the more contentious budget items set to be excised was $2.5 million in Disney World perks for roughly 400 district employees, a tab the district picked up for decades. One firefighter who spoke during the public comment period in the meeting broke down in tears over the change, saying he otherwise couldn’t afford to take his family to the parks​
So the board is now so broke they're having to cut all the benefits that city and state employees used to get to pay the legal bills they're racking up in a lawsuit that DeSantis himself has walked away from.

And they're still going to lose, which of course will bankrupt them entirely in settlement and paying Disney's legal fees as well.

You can't fix stupid. Maybe people will think twice about voting for idiot racist republican blowhards. I doubt it, but maybe.
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Unfortunately I've watched our province of Alberta blow billions from oil revenue on hairbrained schemes dreamed up by almost continuous conservative/right government. Each and every time an NDP (left) government has been elected, due to conservative shenanigans they get booted after four short years of fiscal belt tightening. Albertans get re-stupid and re-elect the conservatives again.

For close to 50 years I've watched this, both from within the province as a resident and outside.

In the meantime, the exact same meantime, Norway has an oil revenue fund now worth over a trillion dollars. A TRILLION DOLLARS!

Fuck the right.
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The guy is a fucking idiot. I was reading yesterday about how he is postponing his shitshow to stay in Florida because they're about to get fucking nuked by a cat 3 hurricane and he even fucked that up. The only thing he's got going for him is he's still governor. Once that's over that fucker is going to wind up being a greeter at Walmart.
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Pretty good man. Lot of shit going on for quite a while. Got a promotion at work so things got really busy for a while. Been a pretty big shakeup not just here but all across the insurance industry. A lot of people got it right in the ass at the top. I actually took my bosses job. They finally shitcanned that asshole. I tell you what, that guy was more useless than football bat.

I'd say that overall they shitcanned about 50% of the white collars around here at least. The axe has been falling for months. Things are just now getting settled down again and smoothing out back into some assemblance of normal. It's been a really fucking wild 8 months or so.