DeSantis should be arrested for this shit.


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Dec 3, 2020
For 105 days this summer, while COVID-19 deaths soared across the state, Floridians had no idea how many of their neighbors were dying.

The Florida Department of Health knows how many people are dying in each county, but stopped telling the public on June 4. That’s when state officials stopped releasing daily pandemic data, switched to weekly reports and started withholding data once available to the public.

Instead of including county deaths in its weekly reports, the state directed the public to find that information via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But the CDC relied on Florida’s online portal of COVID data — which the state also took down in June. The CDC’s tally of deaths for Florida went blank.

Just hide it all. Just fucking hide it and nobody can know. Now they say cases are falling but how do they know? After all they've been hiding shit since June!!!
Oh hell yeah. They've been hiding everything from everybody. At one point there were 8 refrigeration trucks outside the hospital. Now it's down to 4 but shit it's still a bunch of fucking dead bodies.